BRISCOE. In northern part of section 8, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1881-1903.

BROOKVILLE. The former name of the present town of Brooks.

CANAAN. In section 7, Jasper Township. Post office, 1857-6O. Name changed to Simpson in 1860.

CARSON. A platted village in section 12, Douglas Township, as shown on maps of  1875.

EAST NODAWAY. In section 21, Nodaway Township. Post office, 1869 1875, then name changed to Rochelle. Soon thereafter changed to Nodaway.

EUREKA. In section 33, Washington Township. Post office, 1881-1900.

HAYES. In section 15, Lincoln Township, Post office, 1881-1903.

HOYT. In section 27. Douglas Township. Post office, 1889-1900.

ICARTA. In section 31, Prescott Township. A village two miles east of the present city of Corning. Post Office, 1855-57.

IVEYVILLE. In section 31, Jasper Township. Post office, 1885-1903. MERCER. In section 16, Mercer Township. post office, 1893-1900.

MT. WASHINGTON. In section 25, Washington Township. Post office, 1863 - 1867.

QUEEN CITY. A village in seclions 25, Quincy Township, and 30, Prescott Township, about two miles northeast of the present city of Corning.

post office, 1859-69.

QUINCY. In the northwestern part of section 17, Quincy Township. A prosperous village and the first county seat. Post office, 1855-1900.

ROCHELLE. Forrnerly called East Nodaway. Post office, 1876. Name changed to Nodaway.

SHINN. In section 12, Duuglas Township. Post office, 1885.

SIMPSON. Formerly Canaan (see above). Post office, ]861-69. The present town of Brooks.

STRAND. In section 32, Linculn Township. Post office, 1889-1903.

Adams County was named after John Adams.

The second president of the United States

Created from Des Moines County in 1851

County seat is: Corning

Adams County

Established January 15, 1851

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