ALAMAAKEE. South of the mouth of Paint Creek, section 10, Fairview Township. Platted as a town in 1858, but soon abandoned. Post office, 1859-1877.

ALTON. In section 1, French Creek Township, near where French Creek flows into the Upper Iowa River. Village platted in 1858, only a few lots sold, and no town built.

BUCKLAND. In southern part of section 16, Linton Township. Town laid out in 1858. Plat vacated in 1881. Post office, 1878-92.

BUNKER HILL. In southern part of section 24, Linton Township. In 1860 that section was set over into Fairview Township. Post office, 1853-55, when the name was changed to Ion.

CAPOLI. Two miles southeast of Lansing on the Mississippi. Post office, 1853-67.

CARVERS. Shown in northwestern part of Union City Township on maps of 1855-57.

CENTER VALLEY. In southern part of Waterloo Township. Post office, 1857.

CHANTRY. In the northeastern part of section 12, Lafayette Township. Platted in 1857. Was an embryo town site on the Mississippi.

CLEAR CREEK. In section 34, Union City Township. Post office, 1857 -79.

CLEVELAND. On east side of seetion 1, Post Township. Platted in 1856. Post office, 1857-63.

COLUMBUS. At a landing on the Mississippi at the mouth of Village Creek, two miles below Lansing, Often called Capoli, which see above. Columbus was the first county seat of Allamakee County. from 1851 to its removal to Waukon in 1853. Platted in 1852.

CONNOR. In southeastern part of section 7, Union Prairie Township. Post office, 1893-1903.

DALBY. In section 35, Center Township. Post office, 1869-85.

EGAN. In section 2, Linton Township. Post office, 1900-1903. ELDERGROVE. In section 8, Taylor Township.   Post office, 1897-03.

FANDON. in the north-central part of Jefferson Township. Post office, 1863-65.

FOREST MILLS (formerly called Werhan's Mills). In section 5, Franklin Township, Post office, 1881-1900.

FRENCE CREEK. In section 2, French Creek Township. Post office, 1855-1903.

GRANTVILLE. In the eastern part of Ludlow Township. Post office, 1860.

HANOVER. In section 31, Hanover Township, Post office, 1875-85.

HARDIN. In the extreme southwest corner of Franklin Township and partly in Clanton County, on the military road from McGregor to Fort Atkinson, A town of importance. Began to be settled in 1848 and was platted in 1854.   Post office, 1851-65.

HOWARD CENTER. In section 18, Lafayette Township. Platted in 1854 adjoining Milton on the north.

JOHNSONSPORT. At the point of an important landing on the Mississippi. A town was laid out on the river front of the north half of section 15, Fairview

Township, in 1856.

LARK. In Taylor Township. Post office, 1881-89.

LAFAYETTE. In the northern part of section 2, Lafayette Township, on the Mississippi River about a mile above Chantry. It had a boat landing, sawmill and stores.

LUDLOW. In section 10, Ludlow Township. Post office, 1869-75.

LYBRAND. In section 15, Post Township. The village was platted in 1851, and was prosperous for a time.  Post office, 1853-67.

LYNDALE. In the northwestern part of section 23, Center Township. Post office, 190O-1903.

MAKEE. In section 18, Makee Township. Post office, 1853-67.

MANCHESTER. Sometimes called Manchester Mills. In section 6, Franklin Township. The town was close to the Post Township line and to its sister town of Cleveland. The two towns made a milling center on the Yellow River. Platted in 1859.

MARINER'S HOPE. In the northern part of Iowa Township. Post office, 1861-63.

MILTON. In section 3, Lafayette Township. Laid out in 1854. This was a milling center on Village Creek, with Howard Center adjoining on the north and the village of Village Creek adjoining on the east.

MYRON. In section 3, Post Township. Village platted in 1873. Post office, 1869-93.

NEW GALENA. In section 1, Hanover Township, on the Upper Iowa River. Platted in 1857, but never recorded. At that time thought to have rich lead ore deposits. Post office, 1859-63.

NEZEKA. In section 34, Fairview Township. On the Mississippi just south of the mouth of the Yellow river. Laid out in 1856. Post office, 1859-63.

NORTH CAPOLI. On the Mississippi about a little northwest of Columbus and just south of Lansing, and now within the corporate limits of that town.

Platted in 1858.

PAINT CREEK VALLEY. Post office, 1855, name changed to waterville.

PAINT HOCK. In the sonthern part of Taylor Township. Post office, 1853-57.

REED'S RIDGE. In section 26, Hanover Township. Post office, 1873-75.

SMITHFIELD. In the northwestern part of section 24 Franklin Township, on the Yellow River. Platted in 1854 and both sawmills and gristmills flourished there for some years.

STELLA. In section 26, Ludlow Township. Post office, 1897.

TOM CORWIN. The name of the post office at Johnsonsport in 1851.

UNION PRAIRIE. In the northwestern part of section 26, Union Prairie Township. Post office, 1851-69.

VILLAGE CREEK. In section 18, Lafayette Township (see Milton). Post office, 1859-1903. One store still remains.

VOLNEY. In section 13, Franklin Township, on Yellow River about a mile below Smithfield. Was devoted to milling business. Laid out in 1856. Post office, 1853-1903.

VOSS. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide from 1889 to 1903 as a post oflice in Allamakee County, but the name is not found on maps of that period.

WATSON. In sonthwestrn part of Linton Township. Post office, 1875-81.

WEBSTER. Listed in the U. S. Offical Register of 1851 as a post office in Allamakce County, but not found on maps of that period.

WEXFORD. In the southeast corner of the east section 6, Taylor Township. Post office, 1851-61.

WIDOW POST. In section 29, Post Township. Shown on maps of 1855-56.

WILSON'S FORD. In the southwestern part of Taylor Township, Post office, 1857-63.

Established February 20, 1847

Alamakee county was named after the Indian Trader, Alan Makee.  County seat, Waukon

Allamakee County

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