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Scott County, Iowa

Argo, Iowa

Someone shared with us that they had heard Argo was a stagecoach stop between Davenport and Clinton in Scott County. Do you have any (or have access to) information about Argo, Iowa? Please share it with Iowa Ghost Towns.

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The Argo near Eldridge, Iowa still has a small ‘general store.’  Many years ago they would show outdoor movies at this location and when there was an intermission people would go inside the store to buy snacks (Remember those days?).

As webmaster I can verify this experience as my brothers and I went to those movies and bought those snacks.

(Note! There is also an ‘Argo’ in Lucas County that was also referred to as a stagecoach stop)

Stagecoach Stop?

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Argo, Iowa

Iowa Ghost Towns

I show that same date on Argo with a PO 1897-1902.  Actually a  Postmark  from Argo is a rarity 5 on a scale of 9 in the Helbock  guide book (about $25-50).   

No other info relating to stage line.  Will do more research.

Submitted by Reg Showman

I lived about a mile from Argo from 1948 to 1959. There were gas pumps during my time.  It was a prototype of the modern convenience store.

The general/convenience store was run by Shorty Bowker who lived in the house behind the store.

The movies must have been before my time. We certainly wouldn't have missed those.

Submitted by Keith Matzen