Iowa Ghost Towns Assorted

Iowa Ghost Towns

Churchville: Location unidentified. The first mention of the town of Churchville was in the January 29, 1886 issue of the

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel and the last mention was made in the June 15, 1909 edition of the Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel.

Dalton: On Great Northern (Burlington Northern) Ry, 2 miles west of Le Mars, 6 miles north of Merrill (NE/NW Sec. 13, Washington Twp, 92N, R46W.) Established July 18, 1890, Oren F. Wilson; discontinued Dec. 31, 1912.

Floyd’s Valley: Early name of LeMars post office. Established May 24, 1869, James H. Garrison; renamed LeMars Aug 5, 1870, John Blodget.

Harrisonville: Section 27 Lincoln Twp. 1974-1901. Harrisonville was a family settlement consisting of Harrison's and their kin, and a very extensive settlement including Sager, Soule, Roe, Dean, Franklin, Peron, Selbee, Van De Bogart, Sweet, Nash, Bailey and Calkin families.

James: On C&NW and Great Northern (Burlington Northern) Rys. 6 miles northeast of Sioux City, 3 miles south of Hinton, west of Floyd River (SE Sec. 30, Hungerford Twp. 90N, R46W.) Established Aug. 11, 1874, Jacob Schindler; discontinued March 31, 1943.

Millnerville: On Broken Kettle Creek about 14 miles southwest of Merrill, about 9 miles southeast of Westfield (SE/SE Sec. 15, Sioux Twp. 91N, R48W)  Established January 25, 1893, Anna M. Scott; discontinued September 30, 1907.

Ruble: Located on Broken Kettle Creek, 7 miles west of Brunsville. Established Sept. 1, 1900, with John R. Jeffers as Postmaster. Discontinued April 30, 1906.  Still several buildings left at Ruble.

Vogt: Location undetermined. Established May 31, 1890, Lafayette Gardner, discontinue August 26, 1891.

Wessel: Location undetermined. Established July 22, 1892, George H. Wessel; discontinued August 21, 1893.

Wolfdale: East of Kingsley.

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I have a few ghost towns in Plymouth County that you might want to add.

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