AUDUBON CENTER. In northeastern part of section 2, Hamlin Township. Post office, 1867. Later the word Center was dropped, the post office continuing as Audubon until 1871.

AUDUBON CITY. In section 1, Hardin Township. Platted in 1856. It attained to one store, a residence and a schoolhouse, and then failed

AUDUBON HEIGHTS. In the southeastern part of Greely Township. Post office, 1879.

BALLARD POST OFFICE. In southeast part of Oakfield Township, all shown on Parker's map,  l856.

CIVIL POINT. In section 23, Audubon Township. Post office, 1879-81.

CONKLING. In section 23, Greeley Township. Post office, 1881-93.

DAYTON. In southwestern part of section 15, Exira Township. Platted in 1855, it became the first county seat, and remained such until 1861, when Exira won the prize. It contained only two buildings.

FISCUS. In section 12, Douglas Township. Post office, 1889-1903. GROVE. In southeastern part of Exira Township.  Post office, 1873-85.

HAMLIN. In sections 1 and 2, Hamlin Township. Laid out in 1872. It was beautifully located, had a hotel, several stores, residences, etc., was defeated for the county seat in 1873 and soon declined.

HAMLIN GROVE. In southeastern part of Exira Township. Post office, 1855-71.

HORACE. In section 17, Greeley Township. Post office, 1879-93.

IRWIN. In southern part of section 1, Leroy Township. Post office, 1871-75.

JORES. In section 1, Audubon Township. Post office, 1877-1903.

LARLAND. In eastern part of Melville Township. Post: office, 1893-1900.

LEROYVILLE. Sometimes called Le Boy Post Office. In northwestern part of section 24, Leroy Township.  Post office, 1871-75.

LOUISVILLE. In section 17, Exira Township. Platted in 1866 and for a few years was the busiest Village in the county. Declined about 1814. Post office, 1873-75.

MELVILLE. In central part of Melville Township. Post office, 1878-89.

OAKFIELD. In southwest part of section 20, Exira Township. It was platted about 1855, soon had mills, stores and was a thriving town until 1868 when it began to decline. Post office, 1859-75.

POPLAR. In section 6, Sharon Township. Post office, 1893-1903. THOMPSON, In central part of Cameron Township.  Post: office, 1893-97.

VIOLA CENTER. In section 21, Viola Township. Post office, 1881-1900.

Audubon County was named after John J. Audubon.

The American artist and naturalist.

Established January 15, 1851

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