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Henry County, Iowa

Bangall, Iowa

Bangall's name was changed to DeNova. It was located in Henry County, about 1.5 miles SW of Oakland Mills, south of Mt Pleasant. There is a sign there noting the post office that was there for several years. The sign is on a gravel road that runs west of the Salem Stub. The gravel road starts about 1.5 miles south of Oakland Mills which is on the Skunk River.

It was on the old K-Line, a short line railroad that ran between Keokuk and Mt. Pleasant from the 1880s until about 1938.

My interest is tied to the K Line, a defunct railroad that ran daily between Keokuk and Mt. Pleasant (in the 1880’s until about 1938) with stops at several towns along the way, including Denova (originally Bangall, renamed Denova at some point).

As shown in the picture, the trees in the background are Osage Orange. They produce inedible but attractive green hedge balls and their wood is very durable, resistant to rot and insects and was the primary source of fence posts for 100 years.

Information supplied by Bill Wilson

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Bangall, Iowa

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