BENTON. Former name of the present town of Garrison.

BENTON CENTER. Near the southeast corner of Big Grove Township. Post office, 1869

BENTON CITY.  In the southwestern part of section 20, Benton Township, just south of the Cedar River. The plat was filed in 1856. The B.C.R.& N., built in 1869 missed it, after which it declined. Pos office, 1854-59.

BERKELEY. In floence Township, about one mile east of the present town of Norway, as shown on maps of 1863.

BEULAH. (Late Potato Hill). In northwestern part of Conton Township. Post Office, 1857.

BROOKLYN. On both sides of the line between Benton and Black Hawk counties Surveyed in 1856 and plat filed in 1857. Not shown on maps.

Seems not to have materialized.

BUCKEYE. In Iowa Township, about three miles east of Belle Plaine. Post office, 1862=-67.

BURKE. In section 11, Harrison Township. Post office, 1853-89.

DAGGETT. In southwestern part of Jackson Township, as shown on maps of 1863. Post office, 1863.

EDEN. A hamlet in southwest corner of section 1, Eden Township. As shown on maps of 1875.

FLORENCE. In section 20, Florence Township. Post office, 1863-75. Name changed to Norway.

FREMONT. In 1849 the county seat was removed to a location which is now in the northern part of the present city Vinton. A town was laid out there and named Fremont. This name was changed to Vinton in 1853.

GENEVA. A hamlet in western ;part of section 3, Big Grove Township, as shown on maps of 1862-75.

GILLESPIE. In Eldorado Township. Post office, 1889-93.

GOMBERSAL. In northern part of Big Grove Township. Post office, 1858-64.

GRAND GOLF. In the southeast quarter of section 17, Taylor Township. Surveyed in 1854. Now included in the northwestern part of the city of Vinton.

GUINNVILLE. In the southeastern part of the northeast quarter of section 30, Iowa Township. Platted in 1856. Post office, 1856-61. On the laying out of Belle

Plaine in 1860 this village declined.

HOOSIER POINT. In the northwestern quarter of section 34, Polk Township. Later called Maryhsville.  (see below)

IRVING. In the northwest quarter of section 6, Iowa Township, Established about 1860. A part of this busy village was over the county line to the west, in Tama County. The original Village has disappeared. See Annals of Iowa, vol. XV, pp. 536-41.

LIKENS (Post Office - historical) A post office in section 16, Polk Township, as shown on plat book of 1885. Opened 02/02/1880 and discontinued 10/27/1887. Reestablished 04/09/1888 and discontinued 04/29/1899.

LINWOOD. In southwestern part of Florence Township. Post office, 1856-63.

LONDON. In southern part of Fremont Township. Post office, 1861-64. Name changed to Robin.

MANATHEKA. In sections 26 and 35, Polk Township. It was platted in 1857, was adjoining Marysville on the east and was considered an addition to that town.

MARYSVILLE. In the northeast quarter of section 34, Polk Township (see Hoosier Point). Marysville was platted in 1847, the first town laid out in the county.

Post office, 1848-1857, when the name of the post office and town was changed to Urbana.

NORTHPORT. The original county seat, selected adn named in 18456. plat was not filed until 1848 when the name was changed to Vinton. Now included in the eastern part of the present city of Vinton.

PAUL. In the southwest corner of section 6, Homer Township. Post office, 1857-65.

PICKAWAY. In the southwestern part of Union Township. Post office, 1857-65.

POTATO HILL. In the northwestern part of Canton Township. Post office, 1851-52. Name changed to Beulah. (see above)

PRAIRIE CREEK POST OFFICE. In southwestern part of Iowa Township, just north of the Iowa River, as shown on maps of 1855-57, but it appears in the southwestern part of the township on G.W. and C.B. Colton's map of 1808

ROBIN. In southern part of section 26, Fremont Township. Post office,l 1865-81.

ROGERVILLE. In southeastern part of Homer Township. Post office, 1893-97.

SPENCER GROVE. This post office (see Vol. XVII, p. 445) was in the northeast corner of section 10, Polk Township.  Given by History of Benton County, Western Historical Co. 1878, as one of the post offices of the county in 1867, but not found on maps of  that period.  

(northeast corner of section 10, Polk Township)

SUMMERS. In northwestern part of Fremont Township. Post office 1873

TAYLOR'S GROVE. In southeastern part of St. Clair Township. Pos office, 1854-63.

TERRY. In Big Grove Township. Post office, 1885. [The former name of the present Milwaukee R. R. station of Walford, Florence Township]

UNITY. In northeastern part of Eden Township. Post office, 1858-69

WILLIAMS. In southwestern part of Eldorado Township. Post office, 1858-65.

WILMINGTON. In the south section 4 of Benton Township. Surveyed in 1855 and plat recorded in 1858. The town apparently did not materialize.

WOODS. In central part of Monroe Township. Post office, 1857-63.

Benton County was named after Thomas Hart Benton

of Missouri

Established December 21, 1837

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