BARCLAY. In Northern part of section 13, Barclay Townsip. Laid out in 1854 and became prosperous, but dwindled when the Illinois Central built three miles to

the south. Post office, 1855-89

BLAKEVILLE. In the northeast corner of section 26, Bennington Township. Post office 1856-97.

BLESSING. In section 35, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1897-1900.

BROOKLYN. On the Black Hawk-Benton county line in Spring Creek Township. Surveyed in 1860, but not built up.

CALVIN. In northwestern part of section 22, Orange Township. Post office, 1807.

CANFIELD. In section 21, Barclay Township. Post office 1889-93.

CEDAR CITY. In south half of section 6, Township 89, range 13, Northeast of the Cedar River. It was platted 1856 and was a town of some importance, having

a population of about 200, but on the coming of the railroad to cedar Falls it gave way to that city.

CEDAR VALLEY. In section 33, Cedar Township, about three miles below Washburn. Post office, 1856-81.

CRAIN CREEK. In northeastern part of section 4, Bennington Township. Post office, 1893-03.

EDWARDS. In eastern part of section 33, Bennington Township. Post office, 1893-1900.

ELIZA. In the south section 15 of Cedar township, near where Mud Creek empties into the Cedar river. Post office, 1852-56.

ELK RUN. In section 5, Township 88, range 12, near the Cedar river, some three miles southwest from the present town of Raymond. Post office, 1853-56.

EMERT. The original name of the present town of Dewar. Platted in 1880.

ENERGY. In souitheastern part of Fox Township. Post office, 1861-63.

ENTERPRISE. On the west line of section 16, Spring Creek Township. Post office, 1853-81.

FILKIN'S GROVE. Given by History of Black Hawk County, Western Historical Co. 1878. as one of the post offices of the county, in operation from June to September, 1858, but not located on maps of that period.

FLORENCE CITY. In section 35, Spring Creek Township, on the Cedar River. Laid out in 1855, but not recorded. Town never built up.

FRENCHTOWN. A name applied to the present town of Gilbertsville in its beginning in 1836

GREENVILLE. An ephemeral (meaning-short lived) town in Spring Creek Township.

GRISHAM. On the north line of section 12, Bennington Township. Post office, 1855-89

JUBILEE. In southwestern part of section 26, fox Township. Post office, 1881-1910

KNOX. The name of the post office at Gilbertsville for a short time in 1855

LESTER. In southwestern part of section 16, Lester Township. Post office, 1856-85

LOUISE. In southwestern part of section 19, Big Creek Township. Post office, 1893-1900

MILLER'S CREEK. In southwest corner of section 26, Eagle Township. Post office 1870-75

MULLARKY'S GROVE. The original name of the present town of Raymond. Post office, 1858-61

NANTVILLE. In eastern part of section 3, Mount Vernon Township. Post office, 1851-75

OTTAWA. Located northwest and adjacent to the present La Porte City. Plat filed in 1854. It was finally absorbed by La Porte City, although the latter's plat was

not filed until 1855.

STURGIS FALLS. The name applied from 1844 to 1849 to the settlement that later became Cedar Falls.

STURGIS RAPIDS. In the northeastern part of Lester Township on the Wapsipinicon River, As shown on maps of 1862-68

WARREN. In section 16, Spring Creek Township. The plat was filed in 1855, but the town never appeared

Black Hawk County was named after the famous Sac Indian Chief

Black Hawk.

Established February 17, 1843

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