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BORDER PLAINS. Platted in 1857 in the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter, and the southwest quarter of section 30, Washington Township. It was a town of importance. Many soldiers of the Union Army were sworn in there. It became extinct after the Civil War. Webster

BORNEO.  (See Delphi). Ringgold

BOTANY. A post office (1859-71) in the northwestern part of Jackson Township, about six miles east and a littie south of Harlan. Shelby

BOTNA. The name of the present town of Avoca in the beginning, 1868 to 1869. Pottawattamie

BOTTON. A post office from 1866 to 1868 in Sherman Township. Monona

BOULDER. A post office from 1853 to 1865 in the southwestern part of Boulder Township near Buffalo Creek. Linn

BOVINA. A post office (1868-1873) in the northern part of Buckingham Township. Tama

BOWEN'S PRAIRIE, A village in the southwestern part of section 6, Richland Township. Platted in 1853.  Post office 1849-1902. Jones

BOXELDER. A post office (1890-1901) in the northwestern part of Anderson Township. Mills

BOYD. A prosperous village with railroad station and post office, in southern part of New Hampton, started in the early 1880's abandoned about 1920. Chickasaw

BOYER RIVER. The pioneer name of the present town of Deloit. Crawford

BOYER STATION. A former station on the C., B. & Q. Railroad about two miles west of Farmington. There was also a post office of the same name there from 1876 for a few years, when it was changed to Boyer, and discontinued in 1884. Van Buren

BOYER. Listed as a post office in Pottawattamie County in 1855, and believed to have been in Crescent Township. Pottawattamie

BOYLAND'S GROVE. On the south line of section 14 and the north line of section 23 of Pittsford Township. The post office existed from 1859 to 1875 when it was removed to West Point, nearly two miles east and called Bristow (see below).  (Also see West Point). Butler

BOYLE. In York Township, Section 5. This was a Post Office established on December 22, 1884, less than 1 mile west of Pittsburg Post Office on the State Road to Iowa City. Thomas Boyle was named postmaster. Iowa

BOYLESTON. In the northwestern part of section 25, Jackson Township, on the Skunk River, and later, three fourths of a mile south of that in the northwestern part of section 36. Post office, 1869-93. Henry

BOZARIS. A post office (1873-75) in the eastern part of section 19, Benton Township. Ringgold

BRADFORD. In the south part of section 9 and the north part of section 16, Bradford Township, two miles northeast of the present town of Nashua. It was

the first county seat of Chickasaw county, holding it from 1854 to 1857. The home of the little Brown Church. Post office, 1853-94. Chickasaw

BRANDY BROOK. A place in the northern part of Monroe Township, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869. Linn

BRECKENRIDGE. the name of the post office at Jefferson City. It was established in 1857, and in 1863 its name was changed to Denver. Bremer

BREMEN. The former name of the present town of Lovilia. Its post office was Bremen from 1855 to 1857. Monroe

BREMER CENTER. Plattted in 1857. A small business place existed for a few years. The post office was named Leroy (see Leroy). Bremer

BREMER. In section 9, Dayton Township. Post office, 1858-61 Bremer

BRICK HOUSE. Listed in the U.S. Official Register of 1867 as a post office in Cedar County, but not found on maps of that period. Cedar

BRIDGEPORT. A former station on the C., B. & Q. R. R. about four miles west of Promise City. Wayne

BRIDGEPORT. A village in the eastern part of section 17, Maquoketa Township. Post office, 1851-73. Jackson

BRIDGEPORT. A village near the center of section 1, Pleasant Township, about one mile southwest of the present town of Eddyville, Wapello County, as shown

on maps from 1868 to 1881. Monroe

BRIDGEPORT. Shown on Parker’s map of 1856 in the northwest corner of Grant Township. Boone

BRIDGEWATER. In the southeastern part of Lake Township, as shown on maps from 1873 to 1887. Clay

BRISCOE. In northern part of scetion 8, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1881-19003. Adams

BRISTOL. A place shown on maps of the late 1850's about two miles north of Big Grove on the east side of West Nishnabotna River, near

what was later Parma. Pottawattamie

BRISTOL. A town platted in 1857 in the southern part of section 5 and the northern part of section 8, Bristol Township.  It was the first county seat, 1858

to 1863. Post office, 1857 to 1902. Worth

BRISTOW.  (See Boyland’s Grove above). Butler

BROADWAY. A post office from 1886 to 1902 in section 1, Boulder Township, the extreme northeast corner of the county. Linn

BROADWAY. In southeastern part of Hazel Green Township. Post office, 1900. Deleware

BROCK. A post office (1860-65) in the northwestern part of Jefferson Township. Mahaska

BROKEN KETTLE. A post office from 1871 to 1876 in the northwestern part of Hancock Township near the mouth of Broken Kettle Creek. Plymouth

BROMLEY. A former hamlet and Iowa Central Railway station in section 1, Minerva Township. Post office 1882-1904. Marshall

BROOKDALE. Platted in about 1890 in section 31, Perry Township, as an addition to Sioux City. Plymouth

BROOKFIELD. Sightly north of the central part of Bloomfield Township. Post office, 1861-73. On the coming of the rail road the name of the village and post office was changed to Delmar. Clinton

BROOKLIN. Platted as a town in January, 1846, and "situated on the north bank of the Des Moines River * * * and 112 chains east from the mouth of the

Raccoon River at Fort Des Moines." It contended against Fort Des Moines for the county seat in 1846. Polk

BROOKLYN. A town in the southwest quarter of section 14, Walnut Township, laid out in 1855, and prosperous in the late 1850's. Post office, 1857-60.


BROOKLYN. In section 27 and 34, Lake Creek Township. Location selected by commissioners in 1855 for the county seat, and the town staked off. The people by vote rejected the location, and no town was built, but the place got on the maps of that date. Calhoun

BROOKLYN. On both sides of the line betwwn Benton and Black Hawk counties Surveyed in 1856 and plat filed in 1857. Not shown on maps. Seems not to have materialized. Benten

BROOKLYN. On the Black Hawk-Benton county line in Spring Creek Township. Surveyed in 1860, but not built up. Black Hawk

BROOKVILLE. A village in the central part of section 11, Locust Grove Township. Post office, 1850-1902. Jefferson

BROOKVILLE. In the northeast corner of Mendon Township, as appears on maps from 1855 to 1862. Clayton

BROOKVILLE. The former name of the present town of Brooks. Adams

BROUGH. In section 9, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1873-97. Dallas

BROWN. The name of the post office at what is now the present town of Springville from 1842 until the office was removed to (New Lindon). Linn

BROWNING. In section 12, Sheridan Township. Post office, 1871-89 Carroll

BROWNS MILLS. A post office in section 10, Soap Creek Township, from 1869 to 1871. Davis

BROWNS SETTLEMENT. A place in the northeastern part of Lake Port Township, as shown by maps of the 1850's and early 1860's. Woodbury

BROWNSVILLE. A village in the southwestern part of section 35, Jackson Township, five miles south and one and one-half west of Montezuma, and just north of the Mahaska County line. The name of its post office (1864-95) was Sherman. Poweshiek

BROWNVILLE was a village founded about 1852 in the northeast corner of Bur Oak Township. It was platted in 1857 and had a hotel, Post Office, general stores, blacksmith and machine repair shop. Post office, opened 10/12/1861 and discontinued 05/16/1914 Mitchell

BRUCE. A post office from 1883 to 1893 and from 1897 to 1901 in section 15, Norway Township. Wright

BRUNER. A post office (1856-58) and hamlet a short distance southwest of Monticello. Tama

BRUSH CREEK. The name of the present town of Arlington from the time it was laid out in 1856 until about 1890, when it was changed to its present name. The name of the post office followed the name of the town. Fayette

BRUSHY VALLEY. In the western part of Orange Township. Post office, 1863-67. Guthrie

BRUSHY. A post office (1858-61) in the northeast quarter of section 24, Mason Township. Taylor

BRYSON. A post office in 1872 at a location on or near that of the present railway station of Cliffland. Wapello

BUBONA. In the northwestern part of Jack Creek Township. Post oofice, 1897-1903. Emmet

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