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BUCHANAN. A town in the central part of section 8, Polk Township. It was a thriving town in the 1860's and 1870's Taylor

BUCHANAN. In southeast quarter of secion 24, Buffalo Township. A village on Buffalo Creek, Platted in 1857. Its post office was named Buffalo Grove (see below) Buchanan

BUCHANAN. Listed in the U. S. Official Register as a post office in Fremont County from 1859 to 1861, but not found on the maps of that period. Freemont

BUCHANAN. Platted as a town in 1856 slightly west of where now stands the village of Burnside. It aspired to be the county seat, but when that went to Fort Dodge in 1859, it declined. Soon the name was changed to Hesperian, and later to Burnside. Webster

BUCK CREEK. A post office that had at least two locations in Dayton Township, section 25, and later section 15. Its existance was from 1862 to 1903 Bremer

BUCK HORN. A post office (1865-76) in the central part of Adams Township. Mahaska

BUCKEYE. In Iowa Township, about three miles east of Belle Plaine. Post office, 1862=-67. Benten

BUCKINGHAM. A pioneer town of some importance from about 1856 to 1874 in the southeastern part of section 33, Buckingham Township, and the northeastern part of section 4, Perry Township, or two miles northwest of the present town of Traer. After the abandonment of the town a post office of the same name ran a few years in section 22, Buckingham Township, and later yet the present railroad station and village of Buckingham was established in section 14. Tama

BUCKLAND. In southern part of section 16, Linton Township. Town laid out in 1858. Plat vacated in 1881. Post office, 1878-92 Allamakee

BUCKNAM A station known as Bucknam or “Bucktown” was established on the Great Western railway by C.E. Bucknam, shortly after the railroad was built in 1894. The location was in the SE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 6 and just south of the school house. A railway siding was installed and a grain elevator built. The primary purpose of the station was to provide a country elevator market for grain produced in the area. In later years it was discontinued. Mitchell

BUCYRUS. A place in the central part of Adams Township, as shown on maps of the 1880‘s Mahaska

BUCYRUS. A post office from 1871 to 1880 in the southern part of English Township. Lucas

BUDA. A post office from 1873 to 1875 in the northern part of Lizard Township. Pocohantas

BUENA VISTA. In the eastern part of the southern section 8, Olive Towhship. Post office 1849-1914. Clinton

BUENA VISTA. The town of Whiteboro was platted under this name, but name soon changed. Harrison

BUENA VISTA.  Laid out as a town in 1851 in section 13, Buchanan Township, but apparently never built up.  Jefferson

BUFFALO FORK A post office from 1863 to 1899, located first in section 20, Plum Township, and later in Portland Township, section 10, and later in

section 13. Kossuth

BUFFALO GROVE. The post office (1855-85) for the village of Buchanan (see above). Buchanan

BUFFALO. A hamlet on the southeast side of Middle River about one and one-half miles south of Winterset. Its mill was its main enterprise. It flourished from the 1850's to the 1880’s. Madison

BULLOCK GROVE. A settlement on the north half of the northeast quarter of the east section 25 and the south half of the southeast quarter of the east

section 24, Lewis Township, found there when the orginal survey was made in 1852. Pottawattamie

BUNCOMBE. A village on the north line of section 14, Washington Township. Post office, 1853-97. Dubuque

BUNKER HILL. In southern part of section 24, Linton Township. In 1860 that section was set over into Fairview Township. Post office,    1853-55, when the name was changed to Ion. Allamakee

BURGESS. Name of the post offcie (1855-85) at the village of Smithstown, which see below. Clinton

BURKE. In section 11, Harrison Township. Post office, 1853-89. Benten

BURKHART'S POINT. The first post office establishied in Franklin Township, in 1836. Des Moines

BURNS. Listed in the U.S. Postal Guide as a post office in Calhoun County in 1897, but not found on the maps. Calhoun

BURR OAK GROVE. A place in section 12, Union Township near the Little Sioux River, as shown on maps of 1868 to 1881. Woodbury

BURR OAK SPRINGS. A post office (1858-64) in the northeastern part of Sumner Township, or the northwestern part of Calmar Township. Winneshiek

BURR OAK. A name applied to the village of Leo in the later years of its existence (see Leo). Mitchell

BURRINGTON. The original name of the present city of Manchester, and the one which it carried from when the town was laid out in 1854 until 1857.


BURRIS. The name of the post office (1858-59) at Burris City (see below). Louisa

BURRIS CITY. A town on the Mississippi River at the mouth of the Iowa, immediately north of the confluence. It was platted in 1853, and had a boom because of the anticipated building of the Air Line Railroad. Its population was 600 or 700, had over 5000 lots in the plat and was doing a big business when the (flood) of 1858 came and destroyed it. Louisa

BURTON. A station on the Wabash Railway in the western part of Keokuk Township, about eight miles south of Ottumwa, as shown on maps of 1878 and 1880. Wapello

BUSH. Listed' in the U. S. Official Register of 1859 as a post office in Jasper County, and thought to have been in the vicinity of the present . railroad station of Metz. Jasper

BUSH’S MILL / LIGHT PLANT LOCATION: NW corner of the intersection of Highway 9 and the River Road. East side of the Cedar River and North of the present day Highway 9 Bridge. Mitchell

BUSINESS CORNERS. A village on the north side of section 24, Village Township, established in 1846. Post office, 1849-64.

Van Buren

BUSTI. A post office in the central part of Afton Township, as shown on maps of the early 1860's, but in the later years of that decade and a few years later it is shown as a hamlet on the west line of section 31, Howard Township, about one mile north of the location of the present town of Elma. CECELIA. In the southern part of Afton Township. Post office, 1881-85. Howard

BUTLER HILL. In the western part of High Lake Township. Post office, 1861. Emmet

BUTLER RAPIDS. In the northern part of section 9, Beaver Township, on the west Fork of Cedar River. Platted in 1858. Had a busy but brief existence.. Butler

BUTLERVLLE. A town in the northeast corner of section 17, Indian Village Township, on the south side of the Iowa River, about two miles northwest of the present town of Montour. Post office, 1856-1901. It was previously called Indian Town. Tama

BUXTON. A coal mining town in section 4, Bluff Creek Township. At one time, about 1910, it had somewhere near 6,000 inhabitants, 5,500 being Negroes. The town was never incorporated. Monroe

BYRON. In the southeastern part of Avery Township. Post office, 1871-77. Humboldt

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