ATLANTA. In southern part of Newton Township. Post office, 1859-73.

BUCHANAN. In southeast quarter of secion 24, Buffalo Township. A village on Buffalo Creek, Platted in 1857. Its post office was named Buffalo Grove.

BUFFALO GROVE. The post office (1855-85) for the village of Buchanan.

CANA. In souteastern part of Cono Township. Post office, 1861-63.

CASTLEVILLE. On north line of section 36, and later on west line of section 34, Buffalo Township. Post office, 1863-97.

CHATHAM. The post office (1851-81) for the town of Littleton.  (see below)

COYTOWN. In the northeastern part of Hazleton Township. A hamlet and post office mentioned in Williams' History of Buchanan County as having

started in 1852.

ERIN. In the northeast corner of section 12, Newton Township. Post office, 1855-63.

FRINK'S GROVE. In section 19, Jefferson Township. A post office from 1854 to 1861 when it was changed to Sunny Side. (see below)

GATESVILLE. In section 18, Liberty Township. Post office, 1889-1900.

GREELEY'S GROVE. In section 11, Hazleton Towhship. Post office, 1854-57.

HAMERVILLE. In section 33, Homer Township. Post office, 1897-1900.

HAZELTON. This village began in 1853 in the southwestern part of section 11, Hazleton Township, and flourished there until 1873 when the B.C.R.& N.

Was built one mile west of it. Soon thereafter the town was removed to the railroad.

IDLEWILD. A post office from 1889 to 1893 in the northeast corner of section 29, Westburg Township.

KIER. In section 22, Fairbank Township. Post office, 1867-1900.

LITTLETON. In sections 9 and 10, Perry Townhship. A busy village on the Wapsipinicon River founded in 1856. Its post office was named Chatham from

1851 to about 1889 when it was changed to Littleton, but was finally discontinued about 1910.

MIDDLEFIELD. In the southwestern part of Middlefield Township. Post office 1885-1900.

MONTI. In section 3, Newton Township. Post office, 1885-1900.

MUDVILLE. The local name applied, in an early day, to the village of Buchanan.

NEWTONVILLE. In section 16, Newton Township. Post office, 1871-1900.

OTTERVILLE. In northeastern part of section 19, Washington Township on Otter Creek. Platted in 1851. Sawmills and gristmills flourished there.

Post office, 1867-1900.

PINE. In the northern part of Liberty Township. Post office, 1855-59..

SHADY GROVE. In section 6, Jefferson Township. Post office, 1889-1908.

SUNNY SIDE. In eastern part of section 19, Jefferson Township. Post Office, 1861-81.

VISTA. In section 26, Westburg Township. Post office, 1889-1903.

WARD'S CORNERS. In section 23, Madison Township. The pioneer name of the present town of Lamont. Post office, 1863-1881 when the name was changed

to Lamont.  (See info on Ward’s Corners at Stories of Towns Past)

Established December 21, 1837

Buchanan County was named after James Buchanan

15th president of the United States

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