ANNIEVILIE. In the southeastern part of section 12, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1871-1900.

BRIDGEWATER. In the southeastern part of Lake Township, as shown on maps from 1873 to 1887.

CLARK. The first name given to the present town of Everly. Platted as Clark in 1881 and listed as Clark in the U. S. Postal Guide from 1885 to 1897.

CROMWELL CENTER. Slightly west of the central part of Summit Township. Post office, 1875-1930.

DOUGLAS CENTER. In section 24, Douglas Township. Post office, 1871-75.

FREEMAN. In the northeast corner of section 13, Sioux Township. Post office, 1871-75.

HERDLAND. In section 14, Herdland Township. Post office, 1881-97.

INGLEVILLE. In the northern part of Clay Township. Post office, 1875.

PLATT. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide as a post office in Clay County from 1893 to 1897, but not found on maps of that period.

PROSPECT. In the northwestern part of Meadow Township, as shown on maps from 1873 to 1885.

SUMMIT. In section 24, Summit Township. Post office, 1875.

TRIMELLO. In section 6, Clay Township. Post office, 1875-1900.

WILLOW CREEK. In section 36, Clay Township. Post office, 1871-1900.

YANKEE. In the north central part of Peterson Township. Post office, 1881-1900.

Clay County was named after

Lt. Col. Henry Clay Jr.

An officer from Kentucky who was killed

at the battle of Buena Vista.

Established January 15, 1851

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