BLIEDORN. In the southeast corner of section 14, Grant Township, Post office, 1900-03

BOONE SPRINGS. In section 5, deep Creek Township. Post office, 1850-71

BROOKFIELD. Sightly north of the central part of Bloomfield Township. Post office, 1861-73. On the coming of the rail road the name of the villiage and post office was changed to Delmar.

BUENA VISTA. In the eastern part of the southern section 8, Olive Towhship. Post office 1849-1914.

BURGESS. Name of the post offcie (1855-85) at the village of Smithstown, which see below.

CAMBRIDGE. In the section 5, Spring Rock Township, as shown on maps of 1856.

CHERRY WOOD. IN the soughern part of section 6, Center Township, Post office 1853-55.

ELK RIVER. In the eastern part of the east section 13, Elk river Township. Post office, 1843-71.

HAUNTOWN. the name of the village where was located Elk river Post office. For years the village maintained a store, mill distillery, etc.

LYONS. A village platted in 1837, which grew into a city, and in 1894 was included in the northern portion of the city of Clinton.

MEAD. The name of a post office from 1874 to 1875 at the present railroad station of Midland Junction.

NEW YORK. The pioneer name of the present city of Clinton. It appears as New York on maps from 1834 to 1854.

ORANGE. IN the southwestern part of Orange Township, Post office, 1861-75.

QUIGLEY. Name of the post office (1855-1900) at the present village and railroad station of Petersville.

RAMESSA. IN gthe southwestern part of DeWitt Township. Post office, 1859- 67.

RINGWOOD. A town located between Lyons and Clinton, platted in 1856, and now included as a part of Clinton.

SANBORNTON. In the northeast corner of section 234, Liberty Township, on the banks of the Wapsipinicon River, as shown on the Black Hawk

Purchase map, 1834.

SMITHSTOWN. A village in section 17, Sharon Township, before the coming of the railroad into that township.

TEH name of its Post office was Burgess.  (see above)

SPRING ROCK. IN the southwestern part of Spring Rock Township. Post office 1841-63.

SUFFOLK. Pioneer name of the post office of Elvira, Being listed as Suffolk in 1854.

VANDENBURG.. The pioneer name of the present city of De Witt, and the one which it bore only about a year, from May, 1841, until February, 1842.

VOLLAMOVA. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide as a post office in Clinton County from 1885-1893, but not found on maps of that period.

WAPELLO.  WAPELLO. [The notes of William A. Burt of the government survey of 1837 say: "On or about the northeast corner of section 31, township 82, range 7 east, there has been a town laid out, called Wapello, four families in the town."-E.R.H.] This location is in the east central part of that portion of the present city of Clinton, formerly called Lyons, and on the bank of the Mississippi River.

WELTON. In section 3, Welton Township. A village founded in 1850, consisting of a colony of English Artisans.  It existed only a few years. The present Welton is over a mile south of the orginal one.

Clinton County named after DeWitt Clinton.

The 5th Govenor of New York

Established December 21, 1837

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