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CLEAR LAKE CITY. In the southeastern part of Clear Lake Township, on the southeastern shore of Clear Lake. Post office 1857-61. Cerro Gordo

CLEARFIELD. A post office from 1869 to 1872 in the northern part of Madison Township. Poweshiek

CLEVELAND. A coal mining town in the 1880's in section 18, White Breast Township, about two miles east of the town of Lucas. A few scattered houses still remain. Lucas

CLEVELAND. On east side of seetion 1, Post Township. Platted in 1856. Post office, 1857-63. Allamakee

CLIFTON. A post office from 1851 to 1857 near the southeast corner of concord Township on the Iowa river. Louisa

CLIFTON. A post office in section 35, Fremont Township, near the location where later stood the village of Plymouth Rock.  Winneshiek

CLIMAX. A hamlet and post office from 1874 to 1901 in the northern part of section 30, West Township, on Walnut Creek. A store and church still there. Montgomery

CLINTON CENTER. A hamlet in the southeastern part of section 9 and the southwestern part of section 10, Clinton Township. Post office, 1893-1902. Wayne

CLIPPER. A post office (1874-88) in the western part of section 29, Middle Fork Township. Post office 1875-85. Ringgold

CLOUD. A hamlet in section 35, Dallas Township. Post office, 1888 1906. Marion

CLUTTERVILLE. On the south line of section 17, Madison Township. Post office 1893-97. Butler

CLYDE. A village in the central part of section 11, Clear Creek Township. Platted in 1857. Post office 1859-1903. Jasper

COAL CREEK. A town at the intersection of sections 29, 30, 31 and 32, Prairie Township, laid out in 1866. It was prosperous until about 1880. The post office was first located on the north line of section 24 in 1853 but about 1866 was removed to the newly established village and ran until 1903. A few scattered dwellings, two churches and a school house remain  Keokuk

COALPORT. A village in the central part of section 34, Lockridge Township, about one mile west of the present town of Lockridge. Jefferson

COALTOWN. A hamlet in the central part of section 24, Cedar Township. Post office, 1861-99. Monroe

COALTOWN. The orginal name of the town of Angus.  Boone

COAL VALLEY. In section 2, Marcy Township, about a mile northwest. of Moingona.. Laid out in 1867. A coal mining town. Boone

COBB. The name of the post office from 1853 to 1860 at the village of Millrock. (see below) Jackson

COE'S GROVE. Listed as a post office in Montgomery County from 1858 to 1859, and again from 1868 to 1869, but location not found. Montgomery

COFFIN’S GROVE. In the central part of Coffin’s Grove Township. Post office, 1849-61. Deleware

COLBYVILLE. A post office from 1871 to 1875 in the southeastern part of Palestine Township, a short distance south of the present town of Huxley. Story

COLD SPRING. A post office for a time in the 1850's in the eastern part of Wright Township. Pottawattamie

COLD SPRINGS. The name of the post office at the town of Iranistan from 1851-1855. Cass

COLDVILLE. A post office (1872-81) in the southwestern part of section 10, Lincoln Township. Tama

COLD WATER. In the southern part of Honey Creek Township. Post office, 1854-63. Formerly called Orrin Glen. Deleware

COLDWATER. A post office from 1867 to 1875 in the northeastern part of Westfork Township. In the latter year it was removed over the line into Butler County Franklin

COLDWATER. A post office removed from Franklin County in 1875 to section 6, Bennezette Township, where it existed until 1885. Butler

COLDWATER. Near the southeast corner of Dougherty Township. Post office, 1889-97. Cerro Gordo

COLLEGETON. Laid out as a town in 1863 in the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section 9, Washington Township, now included in that part of the present city of Ames south of the State College grounds. It was expected the railway station would be located there instead of where it now is, at Ames Story

COLLEGE FARM. A post office (1862-66) at the location where the state Agricultural College was established a little later. Story

COLLINS CENTER. A post office (1879-81) in the central part of Collins Township. Story

COLLINS GROVE. A post office from 1857 to 1858 in the southeastern part of Crystal Township. Tama

COLONA. A town laid out in 1856, now included in the southwestern portion of the present town of Monmouth . Jackson

COLONY. In section 4, Colony Township. Laid out in 1851, and joined Colesburg on the south.  Post office 1846-65. Deleware

COLUMBIA. A post office from 1846 to 1849, the name being changed to Fountain Spring in 1849. Wapello

COLUMBIA. The name of the hamlct as appears on the maps where was located the post office of Ola. (see below). Tama

COLUMBUS. A pioneer village in section 27, Washington Township, on the northeast side of the Des Moines River, about two miles above Bentonsport. The government surveyors in 1837 report in their notes its existence. Van Buren

COLUMBUS. At a landing on the Mississippi at the mouth of Village Creek, two miles below Lansing, Often called Capoli, which see above. Columbus was the first county seat of Allamakee County. from 1851 to its removal to Waukon in 1853. Platted in 1852. Allamakee

COLUMBUS. The name given to what later became Cedar Rapids when it was first platted in 1838, before the government survey. Linn

COMET. A post office in the 1860's and 1870's, first in the southwestern part of Monroe Township, and later in the southern part of Adams Township, as shown by the maps of that period. Mahaska

COMMERCE MILLS. The name of the post office at the present village of Commerce from 1870 to 188l. Polk

COMMUNIA. In the northwest corner of section 18, Volga Township. Post office, 1855-1900. Still has a store Clayton

COMO. In section 3, Charter Oak Township, as shown on maps from 1878-1887. Crawford

COMPETINE. The name of the post office (1851-1903) at the town of Marysville. Wapello

COMSTOCK. The early name of the present Kirkville Station. Comstock was also the name of the post office from 1861 to 1877. Wapello

CONCERT. A post office (1876-82) in the northern part of Cedar Township. Mahaska

CONCORD. A village about one mile south of the business section of the present town of Garner. The county seat was located at Concord in 1865, but soon after the coming of the C., M. St. P. Ry. and the establishment of Garner, Concord declined. It was a post office from 1867-1903 Hancock

CONDIT. A post office in 1880 to 1882 in section 21, Cass Township. Jones

CONFIDENCE. A village in the southeast corner of section 11 and the northeast corner of section 14, Wright Township.  Post office, 1859-1903. Wayne

CONGRESS. In the northeastern corner of section 36, Hamilton Township. Post office, 1873-75. Franklin

CONKLING. In section 23, Greeley Township. Post office, 1881-93. Audubon

CONNELL. A post office (1872-75). in section 16, Grant Township. Tama

CONNOR. In southeastern part of section 7, Union Prairie Township. Post office, 1893-1903. Allamakee

CONO. A post office (1855-63) in the eastern part of Cono Township. Iowa

CONRAD GROVE. The name of the post office at the present town of Conrad from 1881-1885. Grundy

COOL. A hamlet and a post office (1879-1904) on the line between sections 11 and 12 at the cross roads one-fourth mile north of the south line of the sections, Squaw Township. A church and three or four dwellings remain. Warren

COON GROVE. In the northeast corner of Washington Township. Post office, 1875. Crawford

COON VALLEY. A place in section 18, Coon Valley Township. Post office, 1879-80. Sac

COONVILLE. The pioneer name of the present city of Glenwood, from its beginning in 1848 until 1853. Mills

COOPER SPRINGS. A post office from 1872 to 1875 in the southwestern part of Indiana Township. Marion

COOPERSVILLE. A post office (l867-75) in the central part of section 36, Polk Township. Wapello

COPE. A post office (1880-85) in Franklin Township. Polk

COPI. In section 2·l, Oxford Township. Post office, 1847-68. Johnson

COPLIN'S GROVE. Slightly northwest of the central part of Union Township, as shown on maps from 1863-1868. Carroll

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