I am downsizing and getting rid of things and I have a plate dated 1911 from a business in Cumberland, IA.

The stamp on it says "Compliments of Whitney Bros. & Co., Cumberland, Iowa" and has little calendars on it from the year 1911.

The back of the plate has a stamp that says "Carnation McNicol".  

I would be willing to donate this plate to the Cass County Historial Society if there is such a thing.

Pleae help me out.

I purchased this plate at a garage sale in SE Iowa many, many years ago.

Attached are pictures of it.

It is old and I have never been to Cumberland. My husband's family is from Fontenelle, Iowa.


J.M. Lahey

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1911 Decorative Plates

Pictures shown used by permission J.M. Lahey

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Cumberland, IA is not a ghost town, small but not a ghost town. This page was introduced to assist J.M. Lahey discover more about these plates.

Cumberland, Iowa

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