ADAMSVILLE. A post office in Marion Township in 1851. Discontinued in May of that year and Nottingham post office, located in the same township beginning

the same year with the same postmaster (Benjamin Adams), it seems only a change of names of the post office. Nottingham post office continued until 1859, and

was probably moved from house to house, finally being at or near where the Black Hawk post office was later. (see below)

ALBANY. A village on the line between section 6, Marion Township, and section 1, Union Township, Appanoose County, the village being part in each county. The post office was first in Appanoose County from 1857 to 1861, and then in Davis County from 1861 to 1901.  (See also Soap Creek below)

AJAX. A post office in the early 1880’s located in a store in the south section 13 of Grove Township, the extreme southeast corner of the township.

BLACK HAWK. A post office from 1895 to 1901 in the southern side of section 29, Marion Township.

BROWNS MILLS. A post office in section 10, Soap Creek Township, from 1869 to 1871.

CARBON HILL. The name of the post office at the railway station of Carbon in 1879.

CHEQUEST. A post office in Lick Creek Township from 1851 to 1871. It seems to have moved from farm house to farm house for several years and then located at the hamlet of Dunnville, sometimes called Noseville, but platted in 1851 as Pleasant View, on the north side of section 32, Lick Creek Township. There was another Chequest at a later date.  (see below)

CHEQUEST The name of the post office from 1885 to 1905 at the hamlet in section 4, Union Township, previously known as Gandytown, also Noblesville, and later Halltown. The post office had Just previously been called Hall. (see below) There was another Chequest at an earlier date. (see above)

DEL NORTE. Platted as a village in 1851 in the extreme southwest of Grove Township, in the south section 18. Post office, 1851-53.

DOVER. See Stringtown below.

DUNNVILLE. See Pleasant View Below.

FOX.  A post office in Fox River Township from 1859 to 1863 located a short distance east of the present post office of Bunch, perhaps in section 9. For an earlier post office named Fox (see below).

FOX. The name of the post office in 1842 or 1843 at what later became Stringtown (see below). Later there was another post office named Fox (see above).

GANDYTOWN.  See Chequest above.

HALL. The name of the post office at Chequest for a brief period around 1885.

HARBOR.  A post office from 1857 to 1863 in section 35, Soap Creek Township, about one mile northwest of the present village of Belknap.

HARPERSVILLE  See Stringtown below.

LEWISTON. A post office for a period around 1845 at the cross roads about two miles north of Bloomfield on the Belknap road, on the southeast corner of the intersection in section 13, township 69 north, range 14 west.

LUNSFORD. A post office from 1901 to 1908 at a coal mine in the south section 14, Wyaconda Township, near the Missouri line.

MARTINSBURG. Platted as a town in 1856 where the present village of Mark now stands. It was later replatted as Martinsville.

MARTINSVILLE.  See Martinsburg above.

MOUNTCALVARY. A post office from 1853 to 1863 near the southeast quarter of section 19, Fox River Township.

NOBLESVILLE.  See Chequest above.

NOSEVILLE.   See Chequest above.

NOTTINGHAM.  A post office in Marion Township from 1851 to 1859.  See Adamsville above.

OAK SPRING. A post office in the eastern part of Marion Township from 1851 to 1899. It probably moved from farm house to farm house, but at least part of

the time was in section 23.

PLEASANT VIEW.   Platted as a village in 1851 in the northern part of section 32, Lick Creek Township. See Chequest above.

RANKIN CITY. A village platted near the present town of Floris in 1871, but failed to develop.

RATER. The name of the post office at the railway station of Carbon in 1895 and for a brief time before and after that date.

RICHMOND. A proposed village in section 16, Perry Township, about four miles northeast of Bloomfield.  It was platted in 1848.

ROSCOE.  Platted in 1849 as a town in section 6, Roscoe Township, but never became more than a hamlet.

SALT CREEK. A post office in Salt Creek Township, perhaps first located in section 10, and later in Paul Shepherd's store in section 17, about three and one-half. miles east of Floris. It ran from 1851 to 1868, and its discontinuance was likely because of Shepherd's disloyalty during the Civil War.

SOAP CREEK. A post office in Marion Township from 1851 to 1857. It seems to have been the predecessor of Albany post office, as it ceased to exist when Albany began and is shown on the maps to have been close by.

SOAP CREEK MILLS. A hamlet of some size and importance in a very early day in the northwest corner of section 3, Salt Creek Township, on Soap Creek.

SPRINGVlLLE A village in section 34, Wyaconda Township, about one and one-fourth miles north of Savannah. It was platted in 1859 and was prosperous for a few years.

STILESVILLE. Former name of the present village of Stiles.

STRINGTOWN. A village about one mile south of the village of Troy. The post office at this place was called Fox from 1842 to 1853. It was platted as Dover in 1848, but was called Harpersville sometimes and later Stringtown, and had a post office by the latter name from 1853 to 1867.

TAYLOR.   A post office from 1851 to 1865 in section 31, Union Township, about three miles northwest of Pulaski.

TIPPO.  The name of the post office in 1849 where later the present village of Savannah was built.

UNCLE ABE.  A post office in 1863 in section 24, Fox River Township, about one mile east and two and one-half north of West Grove.

WANETA. A post office from 1897 to 1905 at the A. R. Lightfoot store in the southwest quarter of section 5, Roscoe Township.

WEEPING WILLOW.  A post office in West Grove Township from 1853 to 1855. It seems to have been about two miles west and one-fourth mile south of the present village of West Grove, and the predecessor of the present post office of West Grove.

WHITE ELM. A post office in Salt Creek Township from 1893 to 1905. During most of its existence it was at a store run by John M. Carroll slightly east of the center of the west side of section 25.

WOOLEYVILLE .A hamlet in the southwestern part of section 1, Fox River Township, about three miles west of Drakesville.

Davis County, named after Garret Davis.

Who was a Representative from Kentucky.

Established February 17, 1843

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