DA1RY. A post office (1863-75) in the western part of section 9, Highland Township. Washington

DACOTAH. The pioneer name of the present village of Centralia. DERRINANE. In south central part of Vernon Township.  Post office, 1859-69. Dubuque

DAGGETT. In southwestern part of Jackson Township, as shown on maps of 1863. Post office, 1863. Benten

DAHLONEGA. This town in the northwest corner of section 9, Dahlonega Township, five miles northeast of Ottumwa is reported in the notes of the government surveyors in 1843. It was an important town in an early day, had at one time 300 inhabitants, and aspired to be the county seat. Post office, 1844-1907. Wapello

DAILY CITY. In section 4, Yell Township. Laid out in 1855, but proved to be a town on paper only. Boone

DAIRY GROVE. In the east section 24 of Elk Creek Township. Post office, 1867. Jasper

DAIRYVILLE. A hamlet in the southwestern part of Fairfield Township. Post office, 1889-1900. . Grundy

DALBY. In section 35, Center Township. Post office, 1869-85. Allamakee

DALE. In the northern part of Utica Township. Post office, 1863. Chickasaw

DALMANUTHA. In the central part of section 5, Thompson Township. It was laid out in 1855 and became a business place of importance on a main stage line.

Post office, 1863-1875. Guthrie

DAN. A post office (1870-78) in the southeastern part of section 10, Holt Township. Taylor

DANFORTH In section 3, Monroe Township. Post office, l858-1901. Johnson

DANVILLE. The original name of the present town of Rudd. Floyd

DANVVILLE CENTER. A small village in the geographical center of Danville Township, about one mile south of the present town of Danville. Des Moines

DARBYVILLE. An emhryo villiage in section 1, Walnut Township. Post office, 1891-1910. Appanoose

DARIEN. A post office from 1870 to 1874 in section 26, Fenton Township. Kossuth

DARLINGTON. The name of the post office for a few months in 1875 at what was later the railroad station of Elm Springs. Sioux

DARTMOUTH. The name first given to a town laid out in 1840 on a location which is now a portion of the present city of Anamosa. The plat was never recorded. Jones

DARWIN. A post office from 1880 to 1883 in section 39, Douglas Township. Page

DASIE. Listed as a post office in Page County from 1887 to 1902, but the location not found. Page

DAVID  The village of David was located on the Chicago Great Western Railroad line between Little Cedar and McIntire, IA. In 1892 David E. McLaughlin donated the right- of-way across his farm; he also gave land for a depot, stockyards, etc. As a compliment to McLaughlin the company (E.S. Fonda and Mrs. Simpson) named the station David. A post office was established that same year and David McLaughlin was named postmaster. Mitchell

DAVIS CREEK. A post office (1850-67) near the southwest corner of Iowa Township.   Washington

DAVISON'S. A place in the southern part of Buchanan Township on the east side of Nodaway river, as shown on maps of 1855 to 1861.  Page

DAWSON. In section 15, Independence Township, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869: It was succeeded by Independence Center, which see below. Jasper

DAWSONBURG. Near the central part of Greene Township. Post office, 1851-57. Freemont

DAYTON CENTER. In Dayton Township. Post office, 1863. Chickasaw

DAYTON. A town laid out in 1854 in the eastern part of section 13, and the western part of the east section 18, Lime Creek Township, about one mile north of

the present town of Wellman. A few scattering houses remain. Washington

DAYTON. A town laid out in section 1, Cono Township. Post office, 1857-59.  Iowa

DAYTON. In section 9, and later in section 6, Dayton Township. Post office, 1861-70.  Bremer

DAYTON. In southwestern part of section 15, Exira Township. Platted in 1855, it became the first county seat, and remained such until 1861, when Exira won

the prize. It contained only two buildings.   Audubon

DAYTON. Laid out as a town in 1854 in the northwest quarter of section 9, Indian Creek Township, about one mile west of the town of Iowa Center.

But little improvement was made there. Story

DAYTON. Platted as a village in 1857 in the eastern part of section 1, East River Township, six miles east and one south of Clarinda. Page

DAYTON. Shown on maps of 1862 in northern part of Douglas Township. Appanoose

DAYTONVILLE. The name of the post office from 1875 to 1906, except some intermission, at the town of Dayton. Washington

DE ETTA. Name of the present post office of Tilton from 1884 to 1887. Poweshiek

DE LEON. In section 10, Silver Township. Post office, 1885. Cherokee

DEEDSVILLE. The name first given the village of Merrimac (see Merrimac). Deedsville was the name of the post office from 1849 to 1853. Jefferson

DEEP RIVER. (See Dresden, page 2). Poweshiek

DEER CREEK. A village in section 5, Deer Creek Township. There is still a store and creamery located there.  Post office, 1890-1907. Worth

DEER CREEK. On the west line of section 15, Riverside Township. Post office, 1871-75. Freemont

DEERFIELD. In section 4, Richland Township. Post office, 1857-1903. Chickasaw

DEERING. A post office from 1880 to 1886 and again from 1890 to 1891 in section 7, Newton Township. Winnebago

DEFIANCE. A town laid out in 1856 in the northern part of section 36, Collins Township. Story

DEFIANCE. A town reported by William Vandever in his survey notes of 1843 as being at the common corners of section 20, 21, 28 and 29, Richland Township, which would make the location about two miles northeast of the present Kirkville Station. Wapello

DEFIANCE. The post office of Defiance was in existence from 1875 until the establishment of the town of Defiance, which was in 1882, and was in the south

part of section 14, Union Township, about one mile west of where the town now stands. Shelby

DEL NORTE. Platted as a village in 1851 in the extreme southwest of Grove Township, in the south section 18.  Post office, 1851-53.  Davis

DELANO. A post office (1890-1902) in section 36, Center Township. Winnebago

DELANTA. The name of the post office from 1859 to 1869 at the town of Zenia.  (see Xenia)  Hardin

DELAWARE. A post office (1854-55) in the eastern part of Delaware Township. Polk

DELAWARE CENTER. Post office, 1855. Formerly Acersville, which see above. Delaware Center was also the name applied on some maps of 1875 to 1880

to the present town of Delaware. Delaware.

DELPHI. A place shown on maps of the early 1880's in section 22, Benton Township, at or near the location of the present railroad town of Maloy. Delphi was

also called Borneo. Ringgold

DELPHI. Platted in an early day in the northern part of Swan Township near the Des Moines River, directly south of the present village of Percy. It was never

built up.  Marion

DENNIS. A post office in western part of Douglas Township, 1863-90.   Appanoose

DENNON'S FERRY. Name first given to what is now the town of Massilon.  Cedar

DES MOINES CITY. A place in section 35, Des Moines Township, on the southwest side of the Des Moines River, as appears on maps from 1856 to 1869. Mahaska

DES MOINES CITY. A village founded in 1839 and now included in the northeast portion of the present town of Keosauqua.   Van Buren

DES MOINES CITY. Listed as being a post office in Wapello County from 1851 to 1853, but maps of that period show the place to have been in Mahaska County about one mile west of the northwest corner of Wapello County. See Mahaska County list of abandoned towns.  Wapello

DESERET. Listed as a post office in Pottawattamie County from 1854 to 1855, but the location not found.  Pottawattamie

DICKEY. In section 8, Douglas Township. Post office, 1885-93.  Bremer

DIFF. Post office listed in U. S. Postal Guide, 1887-1910. Now known as Sedan.   Appanoose

DISCORD. A post office (1870-84) in the northern part of section 21, Kedron Township. Woodbury

DIVIDE. A post office for a few months in 1851 a short distance southeast of the center of Summit Township, as shown on maps of that period. Marion

DIVIDE. A post office from 1864 to 1866 in section 22, Warren Township. Keokuk

DIVIDE. Slightly north of the central part of Wheatland Township, as shown on maps of 1878. Carroll

DIXIE. The former name of Turner. Jasper

DIXIE. The small town of Dixie was one of the smallest in the county. It was started in 1893 by H.G. Thrams. A post office from 1894 to 1900 or so, in section 29, Rock Township. The town Dixie disappeard about 1915. Mitchell

DIXONVILLE. Laid out in 1856 two miles north of the present town of Hamilton. It never had more than a store building and was soon abandoned. Marion

DOANTOWN. Another name for Russelville, which see below. Lee

DODD. Listed in the 1881 U. S. Official Register as a post office in Johnson County, but not found on maps of that period. Johnson

DODDS. A post office (1877-86) In the northwestern part of section 32,. Banner Township. Woodbury


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