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DISCORD. A post office (1870-84) in the northern part of section 21, Kedron Township. Woodbury

DIVIDE. A post office for a few months in 1851 a short distance southeast of the center of Summit Township, as shown on maps of that period.   Marion

DIVIDE. A post office from 1864 to 1866 in section 22, Warren Township.   Keokuk

DIVIDE. Slightly north of the central part of Wheatland Township, as shown on maps of 1878.   Carroll

DIXIE. The former name of Turner, which see below.   Jasper

DIXIE. The small town of Dixie, and it was one of the smallest in the county, was started in 1893 by H.G. Thrams. A post office from 1894 to 1900 or or so, in section 29, Rock Township. The town Dixie disappeard about 1915.   Mitchell

DIXONVILLE. Laid out in 1856 two miles north of the present town of Hamilton. It never had more than a store building and was soon abandoned.   Marion

DOANTOWN. Another name for Russelville.   Lee

DODD. Listed in the 1881 U. S. Official Register as a post office in Johnson County, but not found on maps of that period. Johnson

DODDS. A post office (1877-86) In the northwestern part of section 32,. Banner Township.   Woodbury

DODGE. In western part of Highland Township. Post office, 1859-81.   Guthrie

DODGEVILLE In the southeastern part of section 15, Franklin Township. Laid out in 1837. Post office, 1843-1900. It still has a store and a few buildings.

Des Moines

DOGTOWN. An early nickname for the present town of Mount Sterling. Van Buren

DOGTOWN. (See Andrews).  Polk

DONELAN. In central part of Prairie Creek Township. Post office, 1871-73. Dubuque

DORAN. A post office (1857-1904, in section 34 Jenkins Township. Mitchell

DORRVILLE. A hamlet in the northwest quarter of section 32, Virginia Township. It had a post office by the same name from 1855 to 1863.  Warren

DOUGLAS CENTER. In section 24, Douglas Township. Post office, 1871-75. Clay

DOUGLASS. Name of the post office at Auburn, from 1851-1910. Fayette

DOVER MILLS. In the eastern part of Dover Township. Post office, 1889-93. Fayette

DOVER. Laid out as a town in 1857 on the south line of section 6, Honey Creek Township, but no town developed, but is shown on maps as late as 1875 as a post office. Iowa

DOVER. (See Stringtown). Davis

DOVER. (See Tuscarora).   Lee

DOWNARDS. In the western part of Sumner Township. Post office, 1855-59. Iowa

DOWNERSVILLE. A village in the western part of section 14, Castle Grove Township. Post office, 1870-72. Jones

DOWNSVILLE. A hamlet in the northeastern part of section 31, Norwalk Township, on Mosquito Creek.  Post office, 1873-90 Pottawattamie

DRAMEN. A post office from 1877 to 1880 in the southern part of the west section 1 on the northern part of the west section 12, Cedar Township. Mitchell

DRAPER. A former mining camp in the east section 34 of Fairview Township, about four miles east of Monroe. Post office, 1881-87. Jasper

DRESDEN. A town laid out in 1856 near the northwest corner of section 10, Deep River Township, about one mile east of the present town of Deep River.

The name of the post office was Deep River. The coming of the branch of the Northwestern Railway in 1884 caused the removal of Dresden to the new town of

Deep River.   Poweshiek

DRESDEN. In section 1, Richland Township. Post office, 1900-03. Chickasaw

DRESSER. Listed in the >U. S. Postal Guide of 1897 as a post office in Ida County, but not found on the maps of that period. Ida

DREW. A post office (1892-1901) in section 16, Norway Township.   Wright

DRY CREEK. A post office (1856-72) in the eastern part of Monroe Township, some eight miles northeast of Marion. Linn

DRY LAKE. A post office (1871-82) in the northern part of section 16, Vernon Township. EAGLE GROVE.   Wright

DRYDEN. A post office (1868-81) shown on some maps in Oneida Township near its southeast corner, and on later maps in York Township near its northeast corner.   Tama

DUANE. A post office, 1855-61, in section 3, Cass Township.    Jones

DUANE. A village which was included within the present town of Alden at the time of the latter's incorporation in 1879. Hardin

DUBLIN. The name of the post office kept at a country store at Dutch Creek (see below) from 1879 to 1905.   Washington

DUDLEY In 1857 the town of Dudley in East Cedar Township was platted and the plat recorded. The location was in the NE ¼ of Section 17 East Cedar

Township. A post office was established in the home of Eli    Mitchell

DUDLEY. A town of some importance in the 1850's near the southeast corner of Allen Township and on the Des Moines River just south of the mouth of North River. It had a post office named Dudley from 1850 to 1852 Polk

DUGGAN. In section 26, Butler Township. Post office, 1893-1900. Jackson

DUKE. A post office in the northwest corner of section 19, Prairie Springs Township, as appears on maps of 1875.   Jackson

DUKE. In the northeast corner of section 24, Washington Township. Post office, 1873-85. Dubuque

DUNNVILLE.  (See Pleasant View)  (See Chequest)  Davis

DUREAU. A post office from 1856 to 1858 in section 21, Wayne Township. The name was then changed to Wentworth. Mitchell

DURHAM'S. A post office from 1848 to 1850 in the north section 32 of Clay Township on the Des Moines River Marion

DUTCH CREEK. A post office in the northeastern part of section 22, Dutch Creek Township, from 1845 to 1879, when the name was changed to Dublin.  

(see above)   Washington


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