CHAPIN. A village platted in 1858 in sections 36, Richland, and 31, Clinton townships. It was abandoned in the early 1873’s on the building of the railroad two miles to the east and the laying out of the present village of Chapin.

COLDWATER. A post office from 1867 to 1875 in the northeastern part of Westfork Township. In the latter year it was removed over the line into Butler County.

CONGRESS. In the northeastern corner of section 36, Hamilton Township. Post office, 1873-75.

CREAM HILL. In section 24, Ingham Township. Post office, 1878.

ELIDE. Listed in the 1873 U. S. Official Register as a post office in Franklin County, but not found on the maps of that period.

INGRAM. In the northwestern part of section 16, West Fork Township. Post office, 1867-75.

MAYSVILLE. In section 27, Reeve Township. It was the first town Platted in the county, being laid out in 1856. It was prosperous and came near getting the

county seat. Post office, 1857-89.

MENZI. In section 16, Ingham Township. Post office, 1871-76.

QAKLAND VALLEY. A village in the northeastern part of section 28, Oakland Township, near the south bank of the Iowa River. It was Platted in 1857 and was prosperous for a time. Post office, 1862-97.

OTISVILLE A. hamlet in sections 30 and 31, Morgan Township, Franklin County, and sections 25 and 36, Blaine Township, Wrioght county, near where the town of Dows now stands. When the rail road came the name was changed to Dows. The post office was Otisville from 1857 to 1880.

REEVE. In section 36, Reeve Township. Post office, 1863-73.

UNION RIDGE. In the northeastern part of Ingham Township. Post office 1859-75.

WASHBURN. In the southeastern part of Ross Township. Post office, 1871.

Franklin County

Named after Benjamin Franklin,

an American Statesman and Philosopher.

Established January 15, 1851

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