AUSTIN. In the northeastern part of Washington Township, on the west bank of the Nishnabotna River. Post office, 1853—59.

BUCHANAN. Listed in the U. S. Official Register as a post office in Fremont County from 1859 to 1861, but not found on the maps of that period.

CIVIL BEND. A settlement made in 1850 in the western part of Benton Township, near the present village of Percival, on the Missouri River bottoms.

CORA. In the north central part of Walnut Township. Post office, 1855-67.

DAWSONBURG. Near the central part of Greene Township. Post office, 1851-57.

DEER CREEK. On the west line of section 15, Riverside Township. Post office, 1871-75.

EASTPORT. A village on the east bank of the Missouri River, opposite Nebraska City, Nebraska. laid out in 1800. Post office, 1867-89.

FARMER CITY. In the southwest corner of Monroe Township. laid out in 1876. Post office, 1878-97.

FREMONT CITY. The same as the present town of Thurman. It began as Fremont City in 1856, and later for some reason was called Plum Hollow, the post

office heing designated Plum Hollow from 1857 to 1885.

GASTON. The former name of the present village of Percival. Gaston was a post office from 1853 to 1869.

HIGH CREEK. In section 30, Locust Township. Post office, 1871—1900.

KNOX. A country post office from 1885 to 1903, located about four miles southwest of Sidney.

LAWERNCE. A post office in 1871 in the extreme northeast corner of Fisher Township.

McKISSICK'S GROVE. In the southwest part of Madison Township. Post office, 1851-69.

MANTI. On the line of Fisher and Walnut Townships, and about two miles west of the Page County line. Post office, 1855-73.

NUNDA. Listed in the U. S. Official Register of 1885 as a post office in Fremont County, but not found on maps of that date.

OSAGE. In the northwestern part of Scott Township. Post office, 1851-59.

PLUM HALLOW. (See Fremont City above.) VAUGHN. In section 7 on the north side of Walnut Creek, Walnut Township. Post office, 1873-75.

WALNUT CREEK. Listed in the U. S. Official Register of 1871 as a post office in Frernont County, but not found on maps of that period.

Fremont County, named after John Charles Fremont,

A Lieutenant Colonel in the Mexican war.

Established February 24, 1847

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