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GRAND RIVER. A post office (1851-72) in the southwestern part of Grand River Township, at or near the location of the present town of Lineville. Wayne

GRAND VIEW, Laid out as a town in 1855 in section 22, Monroe Township. It never had but two small buildings, and soon was abandoned. two years later, or in 1857, another town named Grand View was laid out in the north part of section 27, Lee Township. It was ambitiously planned, but died before building began. Madison

GRANGE. A post office (1877-78) in section 5, Grange Township. Woodbury

GRANT. The name first given to the present city of Clarion when it was made the county seat in 1855 and until 1869, when it became Clarion. Wright

GRANTVILLE. In the eastern part of Ludlow Township. Post office, 1860. Allamakee

GRANVILLE. A town in the southwestern part of section I, Richland Township. Post office, 1853-83. Mahaska

GRAY'S CREEK. A post office in the southwestern part of Pleasant Township from 1851 to 1859. Monroe

GREAT OAK. A Post office (1866-1876) in the southwest corner of section 35, Emmetsburg Township, on the west side of the west Fork of Des Moines River.

Palo Alto

GREELEY’S GROVE. In section 11, Hazleton Towhship. Post office, 1854-57. Buchanan

GREEN. A post office (1851-59) slightly north of the center of Green Township. Wapello

GREEN BAY. A post office in the southeastern part of section 9, Green Bay Township. It ran for a few months in 1851, and again from 1854 to 1859. Lee

GREEN BAY. A village on the south line of section 30 and the north line of section 31, Green Bay Township.  Post office 1863-93. Clarke

GREEN BUSH. A village in the southeast corner of section 31, Greenfield Township, and in the northeast corner of the west section 6 of Washington Township,

or about one mile northwest of the present town of Spring Hill. The post office of Green Bush ran from 1850 to 1854 when the name was changed to Fort Plain. Warren

GREENCASTLE. A town in the northern part of section 14, Poweshiek Township, platted in 1855, and prosperous in its day. Post office, 1857 1900. A few houses still there. Jasper

GREEN CASTLE. A village in the southwest corner of section 31 and the northwest corner of section 6, Madison Township. It was platted In 1856. Johnson

GREEN CASTLE. A village laid out in 1857 in section 8, Green Castle Township, about one mile southeast of the present town of Ferguson. Marshall

GREEN CASTLE. In the Southwestern part of Washington Township near the North Raccoon River, as shown on maps of 1857 to 1862. Greene

GREENE CENTER. In the south central part of Greene Township. Post office, 1889-1900. Iowa

GREEN HILL. In Delhi Township. Post office, 1854-57. Deleware

GREEN MOUNTAIN. Platted as a village in 1855 in the northwest corner of section 16, Marion Township. On the coming of the Great Western Railroad in 1883 the village was removed about one mile north to its present location. Marshall

GREENOPS. Near the central part of Kendrick Township, as shown on maps of 1855 to 1857. Greene

GREEN TREE (see Green Tree Tavern below)  Scott

GREENSIDES. A post office from 1869 to 1873 in the northern part of Elkhorn Township, about five miles south and one mile west of Fort Dodge. Webster

GREEN TREE TAVERN. A post office (1878-83) in the Northern part of the west section 4, Davenport Township, five miles north and one mile west of the city of Davenport. It continued as Green Tree (see above) from 1883 to 1903.   Scott

GREEN VALLEY. In the southeast corner of section 12, Richland Township. Post office, 1871-89. Decatur  

GREENVALE. In the northern part of Linn Township. Post office, 1859-97. Dallas

GREENVILLE. A Post office from 1853 to 1864 in the eastern part of Washington Township. Lucas

GREENVILLE. A town laid out in 1849. It was a rival of the original town of Brooklyn and adjacent to it on the west. Both went into the discard when the Rock Island railway came through. Poweshiek

GREENVILLE. An ephemeral (meaning-short lived) town in Spring Creek Township. Black Hawk

GREENWOOD CENTER. A post office in the southern part of section 21, Greenwood Township, from 1870 to 1881. Kossuth

GREENWOOD PARK. A town incorporated in 1881 occupying the south half of section 6, all of 7 and all of 18 north of the Raccoon River, all in township 78,

range 24, but now included in the southwestern part of the city of Des Moines. Polk

GREENWOOD. A hamlet and post office in the southeast corner of section 32, Douglas Township, as shown on maps of 1861 to 1886. Polk

GREENWOOD. In the northeastern part of Clay Township. Post office, 1871. Grundy

GREENWOOD. In the northwesten part of Bradford Township, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869. Chickasaw

GREGG. In the eastern part of section 14, Monroe Township. Post office, 1879-99. Johnson

GREYS. In central part of Cedar Township, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869. Greene

GRIDLEY.   Emmet

GRIFFIN In the: western part. of section 8, Harrison Township. Post office, I897-1900. Boone

GRIFFlNSVILLE. An embryo village in southern part of section 23, Independence Township. Post office 1869-1900. Appanoose

GRISHAM. On the north line of section 12, Bennington Township. Post office, 1855-89 Black Hawk

GROVE CITY. In the southwestern part of secion 11, Grove Township, about three miles east of the present city of Atlantic,. Platted in 1856. The coming of the railroad and the making of a station where the city of Atlantic now stands, ended Grove City's career, Post office 1865-69. It's first post office was called

Turkey Grove. Cass

GROVE CREEK. A post office from 1850 to 1889 on the north line of section 4, Castle Grove Tosnship. Jones

GROVE CREEK. In section 83, Union Township. Post office, 1854. Soon after removed into Jones County. Deleware

GROVE HALL. In section 15, Franklin Township. Post office, 1859-1903 NOTE: The books mentioned above show this town to be Grove Hall. However I received an email stating that this town was called "Grove Hill" rather then Grove Hall. To me the Grove Hill would sound more like what they would have named a town. Bremer

GROVE. A place near the northwest corner of Willow Township, as shown on maps of 1878. Woodbury

GROVE. The name of the present village of Arnold previous to 1900. Grove was a post office from 1893-1900. Humboldt

GROVELAND. In section 28, Grove Township Post office 1870-85 Adair

GRUNWALD. The name of the post office from 1915 to 1923 at the present town of Williamson. Lucas

GRYTTE. A post office from 1897 to 1900 in the southwest corner of section 36, Logan Township. Winnebago

GUINNVILLE. In the southeastern part of the northeast quarter of section 30, Iowa Township. Platted in 1856. Post office, 1856-61. On the laying out of Belle Plaine in 1860 this village declined. Benten

GURLEY. In sectin 5, Pymosa Townsip. Post office, 1865-69. Cass

GUSS. A post office (1883-1907) in section 14, Nodaway Township. Taylor

GUTHRIE. The name of the post office at Menlo for the first few months of its existence. Guthrie

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