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Sometimes when the written facts have been lost, destroyed or perhaps never written, we still have fond memories to keep places and people with us today.  

Here is one about Hale (St. Joseph), Iowa

“My father at one time had written some notes about the town of Hale, Iowa.  He was a rural mail carrier in the area for thirty five years and along the way he gathered plenty of stories.  At one time my Father had written some notes about the town.

He drove daily an eighty five mile route in his own car.  I shoveled snow away from the mail boxes so he could get the car close enough to put the mail in the mail boxes.  I did not have to do this for every mail box.  Most of the farmers cleared the snow out for us but occasionally a snow plow covered them up or a farmer did not have time to clear the snow away.  That is when I was put into action.

It was also my job to use a crowbar to pry the snow out of the front wheel wells so my dad could turn the steering wheel to get around the corners.  I never looked forward to school snow days as that is when my dad would get me out of bed and make me go along on his mail route.”

Submitted by Mike Sinnwell

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The name was changed to St. Joseph on September 10, 1878. There are apparently no records to show that the town of Hale was ever platted.

The settlement of St. Joseph, formerly known as Hale, is located in section 35 of Riverdale Township - Kossuth County,  7 miles northeast of Bode, and 7 miles northwest of Livermore. 

One of the earliest histories states "the town was never laid out, as far as the records show, but grew by evolution." 

St. Joe began its official existence in 1865 when Oscar Hale, the first landowner of the area, started a post office and hotel. 

The new community then became known as Hale's post office or Hale.

For further information go here  Kossuth County Town Histories St. Joseph, Riverdale Township, Iowa



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