AMSTERDAM. A villige in the southwestern portion of section 29, Avery Township, About one mile northeast of the present town of Goodell. It was laid out in 1858. It's post office was named Upper Grove, which existed from 1857 to 1885.

BAILEY'S GROVE. A post office in section 6, Twin Lakes Township, in 1879 and later known as Bailey until 1885.

CONCORD. A village about one mile south of the business section of the present town of Garner. The county seat was located at Concord in 1865, but soon after

the coming of the C., M. St. P. Ry. and the establishment of Garner, Concord declined. It was a post office from 1867-1903

CUBA. In Amsterdam Township. Post office, 1897.

ELK GROVE. Listed in the U.S. Official Register as a post office in Hancock County from 1857 to 1863, but not found on maps of that period.

ELLINGTON. A hamlet in section 16, Ellington Township. Post office, 1859-97.

ELMO. In the western part of Amsterdam Township. Post office, 1859-97.

HANCOCK CENTER. The local pioneer name of the village of Concord.

LACONIA. In the central part of Erin Township, as shown on maps of 1863 to 1878.

MIKESVILLE. A post office in 1897 as shown in the U.S. Postal Guide. It was in section 8, Amsterdam Township.

UPPER GROVE. (See Amsterdam).

WEST LAKE. In Twin Lakes Township. Post office, 1897.

WARDSVILLE. In the northeast corner of Madison Township, as shown on maps of 1857.

Hancock County

Named after John Hancock.

He was President of the

Continental Congress.

Established January 15, 1851

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