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Harrisonville, IA

Harrisonville, Iowa - 1867.  The Town’s beginning was initiated when Galon Soule the son of Aaron and Elizabeth (Harrison) Soule, who had just ended his service in the Civil War, had lived in Sioux City from 1865 - 1886, and then moved to rural Lincoln Township, Plymouth County, Iowa. The mailing address for this area was James Station, later shortened to just James, and then finally in 1903 when rural carriers were started, the mailing address became Hinton, Iowa address.

Harrisonville grew and grew, with many many relatives of the Harrison family moving to Lincoln Township area, from Kalamazoo County, Michigan. The area was known as Harrisonville up until the early 1900’s. I have newspaper clippings from the LeMars Sentinel referring to such and such of Harrisonville. Within Harrisonville was a dance hall, ball field called “Whiskey Slew” (not Slough as you’d normally see it). Also, in Harrisonville was a grocery store, a bakery, a blacksmith shop, a patent and inventing shop called “The Old Asylum.”

The heart of Harrisonville (Plymouth County) was Section 27 on Benjamin Harrison’s farm. The mail was picked up from James Station and held at the grocery store. There were contractors for hire, as well as three large threshing machine operations. For entertainment purposes there was a horse racing track as well as horse breeders for hire in the neighborhood.

There were sever orchards and large plantings of potatoes and cucumbers (160 acres each), all sold in the grocery store. There were several tenant houses for hired men and their families. At the height of Harrisonville settlement in the mid 1880’s, there were 200 family members living in the area. Harrisonville consisted of Section 17 to 34 in Lincoln Township.

A family cemetery originally known as the Harrison or Barrett Cemetery began in 1879, and later was known and still is as “Lincoln Township Cemetery.”

There was also a Brethren Church and the Harrison School, later known as Soule School or Ideker School, but was properly known as Lincoln Township #6.

Submitted by Justin Herbst

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Harrisonville, Iowa

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