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HAZEN. A station on the old Chicago, Fort Madison & Des Moines (now the C., B. & Q.) Railroad, in section 17, Washington Township Lee

HEATH. A post office (1859-61) in the southwestern part of Carlton Township. Tama

HEATON. A post office from 1858 to 1861 in section 33, Lee Township. Madison

HEBRON. Click for more information and pictures - The orginal name for Hebron was actually, Schweers Adair

HEDGE. A post office (1881-1930) in the north central part of Dayton Township. Iowa

HEDGE'S GROVE.  In section 10, Union Township. Post office, 1859. Cass

HEDROLANTE. A hamlet in existence in 1840 in or near section 22, Des Moines Township, about five miles southwest of Keosauqua. Van Buren

HELENA. A town in the southeast corner of section 9 and the southwest corner of section 10, Richland Township. Post office, 1856-96. Tama

HEMPSTEAD. The common name in earlier times of the present village and railroad station of Fillmore. The post office of the village was Fillmore from the start, 1851, until its discontinuance in 1903. Dubuque

HENDERSON PRAIRIE. In the northwestern part of Grand Meadow Township. Post office, 1865-69. Clayton

HENDERSON. A post office from 1866 to 1872 in section 20, Warren Township. Lucas

HENN. Listed as a post office in Monroe County from July 16, 1856, to October 6, 1856, but its location not found. Monroe

HENNES. Listed as a post office in Mahaska County from 1884 to 1887, but the location not found. Mahaska

HENSHAW. A post office (1899-1903) on the south line of section 17, Nodaway Township. Taylor

HENTON. The former name of the present railroad station and village of Folsom. Mills

HENTONVILLE. The name of the post office (1879-86) at Henton. (see Henton above) Mills

HERDLAND. In section 14, Herdland Township. Post office, 1881-97. Clay

HESPERIAN. The name of the post office at what is now Burnside from 1858 to 1882.  (also see Buchanan) Webster

HIAWATHA. A post office from 1882 to 1885, and from 1892 to 1894. in Jordan Township. Monona

HIBBSVILLE. Near the northeast corner of Franklin Township. It was laid out in 1852 and prospered as a village until the coming of nearby railroads.

Post office, 1854-1910. Appanoose

HICKORY. The name of the post office (1858-82) at the village of Independent. Van Buren

HICKORY GROVE. A post office (1839-45) in the central part of Hickory Grove Township. Scott

HICKORY GROVE. In the western part of section 32, Bellevue Township. Post office, 1851-67. Jackson

HICKORY GROVE. The name of the post office from 1876 to 1883 at what is now the village and railroad station of Hickory. Monroe

HICKORY POINT.  In the northern part of Liberty Township, as shown on maps from 1855 to 1862. Clarke

HICKORY POINT. In the northwestern part of Liberty Township, as shown on maps from 1855 to 1856. Clarke

HIGGINSPORT. In the southeastern part of Washington Township. A post office existed there for a time in the 1830s, according to Good-speed’s History of Dubuque County, page 489. Dubuque

HIGGINSPORT. In the western part of Van Buren Township. Post office, 1853-89. Jackson

HIGH CREEK. In section 30, Locust Township. Post office, 1871—1900. Freemont

HIGH GROVE. Listed in the U. S. Official Register as a post office in Clayton County from 1855 to 1860. (Not found on maps of that period) Clayton

HIGH LAKE. A town in the northwest quarter of section 23, High Lake Township. Laid out in 1881. Post office 1869-97. Emmet

HIGHBRIER. In the southern part of Eden Township, as shown on maps of 1887. Decatur

HIGHLAND. A small hamlet near the western part of Highland Township. Post office, 1855-1900. Clayton

HIGHLAND. Laid out in 1855 in section 25, Highland Township, near the center of the county. It grew rapidly, contested for the county seat, but when Afton

won it in 1857, it was soon deserted. Union

HIGHLAND CITY. One of the names by which the town of Old Rolfe was known in its early existence. Pocohantas

HIGHLAND GROVE. A post office in section 36, Fairfield Township, from 1852 to 1875. Jones

HIGHLAND PARK. A place in section 12, Eagle Township as appears on maps of 1900. Sioux

HILLDALE. A former railroad station and village four miles east and two miles south of Glenwood. It still contains a few houses. Mills

HILLSBORO.  About three-fourths of a mile north of the business section of the present town of Columbus Junction and now embraced within the limits of that town. It was on the west bank of the Iowa River, was laid out in 1842 and was quite a shipping point. It was sometimes called Toddville. Its post office (1857-59) was Altona.   Louisa

HILLTOWN. In the southern part of section 16, Wells Township, one-half mile from the state line. A former hamlet dependent on milling and coal mining.

Known on the records as Pleasant View, with a post office named Wells Mills. Appanoose

HILTON. A coal mining town in the northeastern part of Monroe Township. Post office, 1880-1907. Monroe

HINKLETOWN. Name of the hamlet at the location of the post office of Foote.  Iowa

HIRES GROVE. In the northwest corner of Grant Township. Post office, 1875. Buena Vista

HIRONDELLE. Post office (1880-1900) in eastern part of section 30, Danville Township, about one mile east of present town of Hanlontown. Worth

HITESVILLE. In section 19, Ripley Township. Post office, 1871-1900. Butler

HOBART. The former name of the present village and railroad station of Hobarton. Hobart, name of post office from 1892 to 1903. Kossuth

HODGE. A station on the C., R. I & P. Ry. between Allerton and Clio. Post office, 1884-98. Wayne

HOGANSVILLE. The pioneer name of the post office (1847-55) at the location where later grew up the present town of Epworth. Dubuque

HOHENZOLLERN. In setion 23, Morgan Township. Post office, 1893-97. Crawford

HOLADAY'S. In section 27, Jefferson Township. Post office, 1855-97 Adair

HOLLANDALE. A post office from 1897 to 1902 in section 24, Grant Township. Winnebago

HOLLENBACK. A post office in Linn County in 1848 as evidenced by correspondence quoted in History of Linn County, by L. A. Brewer and B. L. Wick,

Vol. I, pp. 82-3. Believed to have been at the present location of the town of Palo. Linn

HOLLEY. A post office (1879-85) in the eastern part of Johnson Township, formerly named Rosbach. Plymouth

HOLLIDAYSBURG. An embryo village in Urbana Township In pioneer times. Monroe

HOLMAN. Former name of the present village and railroad station of AlIendorf.  Holman, name of the post office from 1879 to 1884. Osceola

HOLMSTAD. Name by which the present town of Stanton was first known when it was established in 1870, but which it retained but a short time. Montgomery

HOLT. A post office from 1860 to 1892 and again from 1898 to 1903 in the northwestern part of section 33, Holt Township. Taylor

HOMAN. A place in the central part of Howard Township, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869. Tama

HOME. A post office (1849-82) on the east side of the southeast quarter of section 20, Des Moines Township. Van Buren

HOMER. A town in the southwestern part of section 6, Webster Township, on the Webster County line. In 1853 it was made the county seat of the then Webster County, which embraced what is now both Webster and Hamilton counties. The town was platted in 1854 and became a post office the same year. It grew rapidly and for a short time was the most important town in that section of the state. The post office was discontinued in 1915. Still a neighborhood center. Hamilton

HONEY CREEK. In the northern part of Ledomillo Township. Post office, 1857-63. Clayton

HONEY GROVE. Listed in the U.S. Official Register as a post office in Cedar County from 1855 to 1859, but not found on maps of that period, but thought to

have been in Gower Township. Cedar

HOPEWELL. A post office (1851-77) in the northeast corner of section 34, Monroe Township, on the west side of North Skunk River and a short distance north of the mouth of Middle Creek. maps of 1855 and 1856 locate a place called Mount Vernon at or near this point. Mahaska

HOOK'S POINT. A hamlet in the northeastern part of section 6, Marion Township. Post office, 1865-75. Hamilton

HOOSIER GROVE. A post office from 1849 to 1857 at or near where the present town of Ely is located. Linn

HOOSIER MILLS. The name by which the village of Troy Mills was first known.  Linn

HOOSIER POINT. In the northwestern quarter of section 34, Polk Township. Later called Marysville. Benten

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