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HOPE FARM. A hamlet a short distance east of the later village of Cairo, which see above. Post office, 1840-55 . Louisa

HOPKINS GROVE. A post office (1850-56) in the central part of Madison Township. Polk

HOPRIG. A hamlet in the southern part of Jack Creek Township. Post ofice, 1885-1914.. Emmet

HORACE. In section 17, Greeley Township. Post office, 1879-93. Audubon

HORN. In section 23, Malaka Township. Post office, 1869-89. Jasper

HORNBUCKLES POINT. On west bank of Des Moines River about three miles above Elk Point. Shown on maps from 1862 to1868. Boone

HORTON. In sections 26 and 27, Polk Township. Platted in 1856. Quite prosperous until after the nearby railroad was built.       

Post office, 1857-1903. Bremer

HOSKINS. A post office from 1875 to 1886 and from 1891 to 1902 in section 33, Concord Township. Woodbury

HOTONA. Post office in southeast corner of section 4, Richland Township, on the south side of the Iowa River, as shown on maps of 1876. Tama

HOWARD. Given on maps from 1875 to the early 1880's in connection with Busti as Howard Busti Post Office, about one mile north of the location of the present town of Elma, but later given in the eastern part of Howard Township. Howard

HOWARD. A post office during 1868 in section 2, Howard Township. Tama

HOWARD CENTER. A village platted in 1856 located in the southwest corner of section 24, Howard Center Township. It was the county seat from 1857 to 1858. Post office, 1857-93. Howard

HOWARD CENTER. In section 18, Lafayette Township. Platted in 1854 adjoining Milton on the north. Allamakee

HOWARDVILLE. In the western part of Cedar Township, on the Little Cedar River. Post office, 1859-69. Floyd

HOWSIER. Listed in the U. S. Official Register of 1857 as a post office in Harrison County, but not found on the maps of that period. Harrison

HOYT. In section 27. Douglas Township. Post office, 1889-1900. Adams

HUDSON. A place shown on maps from 1845 to 1857 at or near the present town of Atalissa. Muscatine

HUESTON. In the northern part of Jefferson Township, as shown On maps of 1856 and 1857. Johnson

HUGO. In section 7, Butler Township. Post office, 1900. Jackson

HULL. On the east line of section 19, Colfax Township, some two miles northeast of the present town of Luther. Post office, 1873-75. Boone

HUMBOLDT. A post office established in 1864. in the southwestern part of section 7, Avery Township, southwest of the Des Moines River. The name was changed to Park Grove. Humboldt

HUMBUG TOWN.  (see Ottawa City)  Poweshiek

HUMMACONNA. A post office (1874-99) in the central part of section 22, Urbanna Township. Monroe

HUNGARIAN SETTLEMENT. A village in the northeastern part of New Buda Township. See maps of 1855-57. Decatur

HUNTSVILLE. A town in very early times in sections 36, .Jefferson Township, about one and one-half miles west of the Des Moines River, as stated in McVicker's Index Plat Directory to Towns, etc., in Polk County, 1884.  Polk

HURON. In the east section 16 of Huron Township, located on Huron Chute of the Mississippi River. It was started in 1847, grew and had good prospects, but was obliterated by a flood in 1851. Des Moines

HUSAM. A post office in Blue Grass Township, from 1882 to 1883. Scott

HUSTONS. In section 10, Lafayette Township, as shown on maps of 1857. Keokuk

HUTCHINSON. The town of Dudley never materialized. Mitchell

HYDE. A post office (1886-89) in section 19, Frankville Township. Winneshiek

HYNES, A coal mining town three miles southeast of the present village of Avery. Post office, 1899-1916. Monroe

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