ADDISON. In section 26, Corinth Township. Post office, 1869-1903.

BYRON. In the southeastern part of Avery Township. Post office, 1871-77.

EBER. In the southwestern part of section 9, Humboldt Township. Post office, 1859-63.

GROVE. The name of the present village of Arnold previous to 1900. Grove was a post office from 1893-1900.

LOTTS. A post office on the east line of section 13, Delana Township, as shown on maps of 1875. It is shown on maps of 1857 as Lotts Creek.

HUMBOLDT. A post office established in 1864. in the southwestern part of section 7, Avery Township, southwest of the Des Moines River. The name was

changed to Park Grove, which see below.

McKNIGHTS POINT. In the northwestern part of Wacousta Township. Post office, 1871-81. It was later listed as McKnight as late as 1885.

NORA. In the western part of Delana Township. Post office, 1875-81.

OWLAKE. In the eastern part of Lake Township. Post office, 1900.

PARK GROVE. A post office from 1873 to 1875. Previously called Humboldt.  (see above)

PLEASANT VIEW. In the eastern part of Avery Township, on the C. & N. W. Ry. Post office, 1881.

RANDOLPH. In section 7, Grove Township. Post office, 1875-76.

SPRINGVALE. The pioneer name of the present city of Humboldt. Springvale was the name of the post office from 1869-71.

SUMNER. A town laid out in 1857 in the southeast quarter of section 12, Delana Township, but never built up.

UNIQUE. In section 11, Weaver Township. Post office, 1878-1900.

VERBECK. Shown on maps of 1887 where the town of Thor now stands. Verbeck was a post office in 1881.

VIONA. In section 34, Vernon Township. Post office, 1869-75.

VON. In section 34, Humboldt Township. Post office, 1871-81.

WACOUSTA. On the south line of section 32, Wacousta Township. Post office, 1863-81.

WALBRIDGE. Listed in the U. S. Official Register of 1869 as a post office in Humboldt County, but not found on the maps of that period.

Humboldt County

Named after Friedrich Alexander von Humboldt.

He was a Baron and Scientist From Germany.

Established February 26, 1857

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