Iowa Ghost Towns

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Towns with name only

Visitor Submitted

Town Names listed below have been shared with us by our visitors, however we have only the name with little or no other information.  In our searches we have found some of these town names mentioned but that was all the information given.

If you can help us with some information about these towns we would greatly appreciate it.

Use our Contact Page and send what information you may have.  Thank You!

Argo (near Eldridge, IA) (It may have been a stagecoach stop     between Davenport and Clinton. The only building left is a     small business called Argo General Store. (Pic-1)  (Pic-2)

Barney - (no info)

Bristol - (Have very little info)

Consol  (have no info)

Dingesville - (Jefferson Township) No other info

Flagler - (Marion county)  (Have very little info)

Flatwater - (very little info)  

Giffordville - (Have very little info)

Groton (no info - Do you know of this town?)

Mackey -  (Boone county)  (no other info)

Millville - No info

Ortonville - (Have very little info)

Salisbury  (Just a name, no info)

Thorpe, IA  -  (Have very little info)

Unique - (Have very little info)

Vio (or Veo) (Have no information)

►Wymmer (spelling?) (No info)