JACKSON. In section 5, Jackson Township. Post office, 1869-85. Adair

JACK CREEK. Listed in the U.S. Postal Guide of 1893 as a post office in Clarke County, but not found on maps of that period. Clarke

JACKSON CENTER. A post office (1879-89) a short way south of the center of Jackson Township. Webster

JACKSON POINT. Listed in the U.S. Official register of 1855 as a post office, but not found on maps of that period. Bremer

JACKSONVILLE. A post office in the vicinity of Yellow Springs from 1839 to 1841. Des Moines

JACKSONVILLE. A village in the southeast corner of section 24, Liberty Township, as shown on maps of 1875. Clarke

JACKSONVILLE. A village of importance in section 24, Jacksonville Township. Post office, 1857-85. Chickasaw

JACKSONVILLE. The former name of the present town of Garnavillo. It was laid out in 1844, and the name changed to Garnavillo. in 1846.  Clayton

JACOBS. A switch for some years on the Montezuma branch of the Iowa Central railway in section 12, Washington Township. It had a post office from 1896 for several years and a store until about 1928. Poweshiek

JAMESTOWN.  (see Trout River) Winneshiek

JAMESTOWN. A Hamlet in the southern eastern part of section 3, Buffalo Township. Post office 1889 - 1904. Scott

JAMESTOWN. A post office (1857-61) in the northwestern part of Jamestown Township near the present Howard

JANESVILLE. A place in the eastern part of Otter Creek Township about six miles east of Toledo, as shown on maps of 1856. Tama

JANETOWN. A town in the southeastern part of section 33, Prairie Township, laid out in about 1885. Largely populated by coal miners' families. Keokuk

JASPER. In section 17, Jasper Township, on the north Coon River. The U. S. Official Register lists it as a post office in 1861 and it is carried on the maps from 1860-1881. Carroll

JASPER CITY. The name first given to what is now the town of Kellogg. It was platted in 1865 and the name changed to Kellogg in 1873. Jasper

JEBOMEVILLE. Laid out in 1857 in section 25, township 84, range 18, but now included in the northeastern portion of the city of Marshalltown. Marshall

JEDDO CITY. A town platted in 1856, in section 12, Jefferson Township. A thriving village for a few years. Post office, 1856-67.

It was revived again as Ojedo for a brief time in the early 1880's. Harrison

JEFFERSON. The name of the post office at Otsego (see Otsego) in 1857 for a short time, after which the name of the post office followed the name of the town Fayette

JEFFERSON. In section 22, Jefferson Township, as shown on maps of 1854 and 1857. Henry

JEFFERSON. In the southwestern part of Jefferson Township. Post office, 1857-67. Dubuque

JEFFERSON. The former name of a village in section 30, Millville Township, laid out in 1852, now appearing on maps as Graham. Clayton

JEFFERSON CITY. Pioneer name of the present town of Denver. Laid out in 1855. The post office at that place was named Breckenridge, which see above. In section 19, Franklin Township. Post office, 1877-97. Bremer

JEFFERSONVILLE. A village in the northwestern part of section 16, Jefferson Township, on the C., B. & Q. H. H. It was laid out in 1867, but failed to build up owing to its nearness to Viele; The post office, established before the village was platted, ran from 1856 with the exception of two short intermissions, until 1876. Lee

JEHU. This post office is listed in the U. S. Postal Guide for 1885 as being in the county, but is not shown on maps. Boone

JENKINS CENTER. A hamlet in the geographical center of Jenkins Township. Its post office was North Bend. Mitchell

JENKS. Another name in an early day for the present town of Conway. Jenks was the name of the post office from 1867 to 1870. Taylor

JERICO. A place in the southeastern part of Beaver Township, slightly west of Apple Grove post office, (see Apple Grove) as shown on maps from 1855 to 1868.  Polk

JERICO. In the southwest corner of section 24, Jacksonville Township. Post office 1889-1903. Chickasaw

JERUSALEM. A hamlet in the southern part of section 34, Clay Township, near where the town of Beaman is now located, its post office being Wadaloup. Grundy

JEWELL. A post office from 1874 to 1877 six miles east and one mile north of Glenwood. Mills

JOHNS POST OFFICE. Shown on maps 1856 in western part of the county. Appanoose

JOHNSON SETTLEMENT. Listed as a post office in Kossuth County in 1856, but the location not found. Kossuth

JOHNSON. A village at the intersection of 23, 24, 25, and 26, Scotch Grove Township. A busy village in its day.

Post office, 1853-80. Jones

JOHNSONSPORT. At the point of an important landing on the Mississippi. A town was laid out on the river front of the north half of section 15, Fairview Township, in 1856. Allamakee

JOHNSON'S GROVE. A post office from 1877 to 1880 in the eastern part of Richland Township. Story

JOHNSONTOWN. The name most often given the village of Johnson, which see above. Jones

JOHNSONVILLE. In the southwestern part of Stockholm Township, Post office, 1900-03. Crawford

JOHNSTON POST OFFICE. In southwestern part of Johns Tuwnship. Post office, 1859-63. Appanoose

JOLLYVILLE. A village laid out in 1856 in the central part of section 7, Green Bay Township. Post office 1859-73. Lee

JONES. A post office (1857-69) in section 5, Greene Township. Iowa

JONESVILLE. The name of the post office for a few months at what afterward became Edinburg. Jones

JORES. In section 1, Audubon Township. Post office, 1877-1903. Audubon

JOY. The name of a railroad station for a few years in the 1870's in the western part of Sioux Township. Plymouth

JUAN. A post office (1844-50) in the northwestern part of Marion Township, about five miles south of Washington. Washington

JUBILEE. In southwestern part of section 26, fox Township. Post office, 1881-1910 Black Hawk

JUNCTION CITY. The name of the post office from 1870 to 1872 and of the village which later became East Plattsmouth.  (see East Plattsmouth). Mills

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