KALO JUNCTION. A station and hamlet on the main line and spur of the M. & St. L. Railroad which extended to the town of Kalo and the coal mines about a mile distant. The neighboring community was also called Craig's Hollow. Webster

KANE. The name of the post office at Kanesville (see below) from 1848 to 1852, when it was changed to Council Bluffs. Pottawattamie

KANESVlLLE. The name from 1848 to 1853 of the present city of Council Bluffs (see Miller's Hollow). Pottawattamie

KARS. A post office from 1877 to 1880 in the southeastern part of Carlton Township. Tama

KASSON. A post office from 1861 to 1905 in the southwestern part of Monroe Township. Madison

KEB. A place in section 34, Hichland Township having a post office from 1891 to 1905. Wapello

KEELEROY. In the northeastern part of Clayton Township on the Mississippi River about two miles above Clayton. Platted in 1848. Clayton

KEEN. The name of the post office (1898-1905) at the old village of Saylorville. Polk

KEENSBURG. Laid out as a town in section 4, Van Buren Township, in pioneer times, but never developed. Keokuk

KEG CREEK. Listed as a post office in ,Pottawattamie County from 1874 to 1899, with some omissions, but its location not found. Pottawattamie

KELSEY. A village and station on the C., M. & St. P. R. R. in section 31, Jefferson Township, about two miles north of Granger. Polk

KEMIGALA. In Wells Township. Post office, 1903. Appanoose

KEMLING. A post office (1894-1901) in the southeastern part of Grove Township. Pottawattamie

KENDRICK. Near the central Part of Kendrick Township. Post office, 1868-67. Greene

KENTUCKY GROVE. Listed as a post office in Risley (now Hamilton) County in the U. S. Official Register of 1851. Not found on the maps. Hamilton

KEOWN. A post office (1896-1902) in the western part of York Township on Keg Creek. Pottawattamie

KERR. Listed as a post office in Scott County from 1881 to 1882, but it's location not found. Scott

KESHO. The former name of the present town of Calender. Kesho was the name of the post office from 1873 to 1877. Webster

KENTNER. In section 21, Sheridan Township. A small villiage. Post office, 1893-1900. Carroll

KEW. A former station and hamlet on the Humeston branch of the C., B. & Q. Railroad about four miles east of Diagonal. It had a post office from 1882 to 1889. Ringgold

KIER. In section 22, Fairbank Township. Post office, 1867-1900. Buchanan

KIMBALL. The name of the post office at Jasper City from 1866 to 1869, when the name was changed to Kellogg. Jasper

KING. In the southern part of Section 21, Mosalem Township. Post office, 1861-1900. Dubuque

KINGS. Listed as a post office in Union County from 1855 to 1860, but the location not found. Union

KINGSBURY. In the central part of Grant Township. Post office, 1880-85. Grundy

KINGSTON CITY. The name of the post office at Kingston, which see above, from 1858 to 1866. Linn

KINGSTON. The former name of what is now that portion of the city of Cedar Rapds west of the Cedar River. Linn

KINISAW. A post office (1854-64) shown on the earlier maps in the western part of Salt Creek Township on the north side of the Iowa River about one mile southwest of the present town of Chelsea, but on later maps on the south side of the river and about two miles southeast of Chelsea. Tama

KIRKWOOD. A post office (1858-64) in the eastern part of Webster Township, between Beaver Creek and the Des Moines River, and a mile or two northwest

from their junction Polk

KIRKWOOD. In central part of Sharon Township. Post office, 1873 1900. Appanoose

KIRON. The northeast corner of sectin 7, Stockholm Township. Founded about 1867. The coming of the railroad to that vicinity in 1899 caused the building of

the present town of Kiron one mile west of the first Kiron, which eventurally ended the life of the old village. Crawford

KISSEMMEE. Listed in the U.S. Postal Guide as a post office and was near the north end of North Twin Lake, but not found on the maps. Calhoun

KLINE. In the southeastern part of Franklin Township. Post office, 1893-1900. Des Moines

KLINGER. In the northeast corner of section 35, Maxfield Township. Post office, 1889-1903. Bremer

KNIFFIN. First, a country post office, and after the building of the railway in 1871, a station on the C., R. 1. & P. in section 18, Walnut Township.

Post office, 1858-1903. Wayne

KNITTEL. In section 10, Fremont Township., on Rand, McNally & Co.'s map of 1887, and in section 9. Bremer

KNOWLTON. A town and railroad station about one and one-half miles northeast of the present town of Diagonal. Post office 1888 1919. It still has a store and school. Ringgold

KNOX. A country post office from 1885 to 1903, located about four miles southwest of Sidney. Freemont

KNOX. The name of the post office at Gilbertsville for a short time in 1855 Black Hawk

KOSSUTH. In the eastern section 30 of Yellow Springs Township, about a mile and a half east of the present town of Mediapolis. Previously called Yellow Springs. Des Moines

KOSSUTH CENTER. A post office from 1858 to 1877 in the southwest corner of section 4, Plum Township. Kossuth

KROGNESS. A hamlet and post office in section 9, Richland Township, as shown on maps of 1887. Lyon

KRUM. The name of the post office from 1896 to 1899 at the village of Whitefield. Jefferson

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