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LONGVIEW. A former railroad station and a post office in the 1880's in section 14, Union Township, about two miles west of Stockport. Van Buren

LORE. In section 14, Center Township. Post office, 1885-97. Dubuque

LORETTO. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide as a post office in Warren County in 1889, but the location not found. Warren

LORING. A Village and station on the former Newton & Northern Railroad in the north part of Washington Township. There is still a store there.

Post office, 1905-10. Polk

LOSH'S MILLS. A hamlet on the West Nishnabotna River near the present town of Carson. Post office 1871-75 and from 1878 to 1880. Pottawattamie

LOSSING. The name of the post office at the hamlet of Badger Lake (see above) from 1884 to 1901. Monona

LOST CREEK. A coal mining town in the western part of Harrison Township. Post office, 1896-1901. Mahaska

LOST ISLAND. A post office (1871-79) near the southnwest corner of section 30, Lost Island Township. Palo Alto

LOUDEN. A village for a few years in the period before the Civil War one-half mile north of where later stood the village of Hillsdale (see Hillsdale). Mills

LOUISE. In southwestern part of section 19, Big Creek Township. Post office, 1893-1900 Black Hawk

LOUISVILLE. In section 17, Exira Township. Platted in 1866 and for a few years was the busiest Village in the county. Declined about 1814.   Post office, 1873-75. Audubon

LOUISVILLE. In the northern part of Bethel Township. Post office, 1851. Fayette

LOUISVILLE. The name given Ottumwa when it was laid out in 1844, but which it kept but a brief time. Wapello

LOVINGTON. Laid out in 1854 in the southeastern part of section 18, Webster Township, near the mouth of Beaver Creek. It had great expectations, but was short lived.  Polk

LOWELL. A town platted in the 184O's one mile north of the business section of the present city of Maquoketa. Its existence was brief. Jackson

LOWELL. In section 28, Butler Towhship, on the Shell Rock River. Shown on the maps from 1881-1887. Butler

LOWTHER STATION. Former name of the present village of Acme. Howard

LOY. A post office from 1883 to 1884 at or near the present town of Yorktown. Page

LOZIER. Listed as a post office from 1880 to 1882 in Woodbury County, but its location not found. Woodbury

LUCAS. A place shown on maps of 1845 in the southeastern part of Goshen Township, on the west bank of the Cedar River. Muscatine

LUCAS GROVE. A hamlet in the northwestern part of section 21, Union Township, about three miles north of the present railroad station of Donley.

Post office, 1874-82. Marion

LUCERNE. A post office (1860-67) in the eastern part of Richman Township. Wayne

LUCKY VALLEY. A settlement in sections 2 and 3, Grant Township, with a post office (1882-1903) by the same name. Woodbury

LUDLOW. In section 10, Ludlow Township. Post office, 1869-75. Allamakee

LUELLA. A post office (1877-81) in the southwestern part of Cummins Township. Pocohantas

LUNDS. A railroad station and village a short distance northeast of the center of Washington Township. Webster

LUNI. A post office (1858-88) at the center of Boone Township. Wright

LURA. In the southern part of Grant Township. Post office, 1855-65. Cass

LUTRA. The orginal name of the western or newer part of the present town of Elgin. Lutra was laid out in 1871 on the building of the railroad near the older portion of Elgin. Fayette

LYBRAND. In section 15, Post Township. The village was platted in 1851, and was prosperous for a time. Post office, 1853-67. Allamakee

LYDIA The former name of the post office at the present town of Arion. Crawford

LYNDALE. In the northwestern part of section 23, Center Township. Post office, 190O-1903. Allamakee

LYNN. A post office (1855-72) in the southwest corner of section 3, Jefferson Township. Warren

LYONS. A village platted in 1837, which grew into a city, and in 1894 was included in the northern portion of the city of Clinton. Clinton

LYTLE CITY. A town in the central part of section 1, Fillmore Township. It was laid out in 1857. After the establishment of Parnell on the new C., M. & St. P. Hy. in 1884, Lytle City's existence soon ended. Iowa


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