Luray, Iowa - 3

As submitted by Larry Coulter

Will tell you the story told to me about 60 years ago when I was about 16 and doing custom corn chopping west of Marshalltown.

While chopping corn I noticed a large number of pottery fragments on the ground and inquired of the owner as to why they were there.  He related this story which I had no reason to doubt but do not know if is accurate.

Presumably in the late 19th century, Luray, the source of the pottery fragments, was a thriving town on a railroad line.

There were a number of bars and houses of ill repute probably due in part to the transient traffic. A local farmer, being quite religious, did not approve of the general conduct in Luray and proceeded over a number of years in buying house, businesses and such and basically demolishing the town.

Luray, Iowa 1907 Atlas Map

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