BROMLEY. A former hamlet and Iowa Central Railway station in section 1, Minerva Township.  Post office 1882-1904.

CEDAR CROSSROADS. A post office from 1866 to 1868 in section 3, Washington Township.

EDENVILLE. The former name of the present town of Rhodes. Edenville was laid out as a town in 1866 and the post office was in that name from 1860 to 1883.

FREDONIA. A hamlet in the southwest corner of section 26, Marion Township, five miles east of Marshalltown.  Post office 1853-67.

GALVIN. A post office from 1882 to 1902 in the southeast corner of section 3, Marietta Township.

GREEN MOUNTAIN. Platted as a village in 1855 in the northwest corner of section 16, Marion Township. On the coming of the Great Western Railroad in 1883

the village was removed about one mile north to its present location.

GOWANDO. A post office in 1860 and 1861 in the southeastern part of Marion Township.

GREEN CASTLE. A village laid out in 1857 in section 8, Green Castle Township, about one mile southeast of the present town of Ferguson.

HARTLAND. A post office from 1890 to 1900 three miles south of Marietta.

ILLINOIS GROVE. A post office (1857-81) in section 8, Liberty Township.

JEBOMEVILLE. Laid out in 1857 in section 25, township 84, range 18, but now included in the northeastern portion of the city of Marshalltown.

LAFAYETTE. The former name of the present town of Albion. Lafayette was platted in 1852 and name changed to Albion in 1858. The post office was Albion

from the start.

LIBERTY. Laid out in 1857 in section 27, Liberty Township. Post office, 1857-64.

MALTA. A hamlet and station on the Iowa Central Railway in section 25, State Center Township.  Post office 1883-94.

MARIETTA. Platted in 1851 in the eastern part of section 13, township 84, range 19, and the western part of section 18, township 84, range 18. It was made the county seat the same year and continued to be until January 1, 1860, when it lost to Marshall. Post office, 1852-1900. A railroad siding is about all that remains.

MARSHALL. The original name of the present city of Marshalltown from the time it was platted in 1853 to 1863.

MAULSBY. A place shown on maps of 1900 first in the northern part of Taylor Township and later in the southern part of Liscomb Township.

MINERVA. A post office in section 2, Minerva Township, from 1858 to 1882. The present railroad station of Minerva was established later at a point some four

miles east.

MORMON HILL. A post office from 1850 to 1859 in the northeastern part of Bangor Township.

NORRIS. A post office (1865-69) in the northeastern part of Bangor Township.

REEDSVlLLE. A post office (1855-60) in the eastern part of Marion Township.

ROCKTON. A hamlet in section 21, Marion Township. Post office, 1888-1900.

STANFORD. A post office (1869-82) in section 4, Bangor Township.

TIMBER CREEK. A country post office (1850-82) shown on the earlier maps in the central part, then the southern part of Timber Creek Township, and later

in the northeast corner of Jefferson Township.

VIENNA. A post office (1856-83) in the southwestern part of section 10, Vienna Township.

Marshall County was named after

John Marshall.

He was the 4th Chief Justice

of the United States.

Established January 13, 1846

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