Michigan Territorial Maps

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1805 - 1818

Michigan Territory Map 1805-1818 Michigan Territory Map 1818-1833

1818 - 1833

Michigan Territory Map 1833-1836

1833 - 1836

Wisconsin-Michigan Territory Maps 1836


Separation of the Wisconsin Territory from Michigan Territory in preparation for Michigan statehood. The combined red and blue areas form the Michigan Territory at its maximum extent.

See the map above - 1833-1836

From 1805-1818, the western border was a line through Lake Michigan.

Between 1818 and 1833, Illinois and Indiana became states and the unincorporated land from their territories, plus a handful of other townships, were made part of Michigan.

Between 1833 and 1836, all the remnants of the old Northwest Territory were part of the Michigan Territory along with portions of the Louisiana Purchase.

Michigan State Seal

Michigan Seal

US Map shows Michigan today

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Michigan today



Michigan Territory Map 1837


Michigan becomes a state of the Union when it agrees to the boundaries dictated by the U.S. Congress, giving up its claim to the Toledo Strip and accepts the western portion of the Upper Peninsula.

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1836 Iowa was part of Michigan Territory.

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