MACEDONIA. The original hamlet of Macedonia was on the banks of the West Nishnabotna river, about three-quarters of a mile west of the present town of that name. It existed from about 1851 to 1880. Pottawattamie

MACEVILLE. Listed in the U. S. Official Register of 1859-61 as a post office in Lucas County, but not found on maps of that period. Lucas

MACKEY. A hamlet in the northwest corner of section 22, Harrison Township. Post office, 1878-1903. (See more here) Boone

MACKEY'S GROVE. Same as above. Post office, 1871-78. Boone

MACKS.   In section 16, Pleasant Valley Township. Post office, 1869-71. Carroll

MACKSVILLE. A post office from 1862 to 1868 about two miles east of the present town of Stuart. Guthrie

MADISON. A village in sections 20 and 21, Madison Township, Laid out in 1856. Post office, 1855-73. Jones

MADISON. Lieut. Albert M. Lea in his Notes on Wisconsin Territory, 1836, and also on his map, gives the name Madison to what very soon after that date became Fort Madison. Lee

MAHASKA. Name of post office at or near present city of Oskaloosa in 1844. Mahaska post office was changed to Oskaloosa in that year. Mahaska

MAHERN. In the northern part of Monroe Township. Post office, 1861-65. Johnson

MAIDA. In the western part of Seeley Township. Post office, 1863-65. Guthrie

MAKEE. In section 18, Makee Township. Post office, 1853-67. Allamakee

MALLORY. A village established in the 1870's in section G, Greeley Township. After the coming of the Milwaukee Railway in 1882 it had a post office and a railway station for a few years, when they were both discontinued. Shelby

MALTA. A hamlet and station on the Iowa Central Railway in section 25, State Center Township. Post office 1883-94. Marshall

MALTON. A post office from 1870 to 1873 in the western part of Sioux Township, near the Big Sioux River. Plymouth

MAMMEN. A post office (1898-1906) in section 29, Grant Township. Plymouth

MANAT. A post office for a short time in 1884 at or near the location of the present railway station of Carnforth. Poweshiek

MANATHEKA. In sections 26 and 35, Polk Township. It was platted in 1857, was adjoining Marysville on the east and was considered an addition to that town. Benten

MANCHESTER. Sometimes called Manchester Mills. In section 6, Franklin Township. The town was close to the Post Township line and to its sister town of Cleveland. The two towns made a milling center on the Yellow River. Platted in 1859. Allamakee

MANGOLDVILLE. In Hazel Green Township. Post office, 1864-66. Deleware

MANHATTAN. A post office from 1866 to 1900, in the southeastern part of the east section 3, Lancaster Township, on the north side of South Skunk River. Keokuk

MANSFIELD. A hamlet or place shown on maps of 1868 and 1869 in the northern part of White Breast Township. Lucas

MANTENO. A village platted in 1856 in the northeastern part of section 18, Grove Township, on Mill Creek. Post office, 1856-58. Shelby

MANTI. On the line of Fisher and Walnut Townships, and about two miles west of the Page County line. Post office 1855-73. Freemont

MANTUA. A post office in the central part of Mantua Township from 1852 to 1854. Monroe

MAPLE GROVE. A post office in the southern part of Jackson Township from 1874 to 1889, and the northern part of Webster Township from 1889 to 1903. Madison


MAPLE. In the northern part of Afton Township, as shown on maps of 1878. Cherokee

MAPLETON. A village now spoken of as Old Mapleton, laid out in 1857, one mile west of the present town of Mapleton. Monona

MAPLEVILLE. Somewhat northeast of the center of Stapleton Township. Post office, 1857-59. Chickasaw

MARATHON. The name first given to the prescnt town of Earling when it was platted in 1882, and which it kept a few years. Shelby

MARCELLUS. A post office (1850-59) in the western part of Marion Township. Washington

MARCY. In section 13, Marcy Township, ahout three miles southwest of Moingona. Post office, 1863-67. Boone

MARDENSVILLE. Post office listed in U. S. Postal Guide of 1894, but not found on maps of that period.  Appanoose

MARENA. A post office (1872-85) in the western part of section 22, Lincoln Township. Ringgold

MARIETTA. Platted in 1851 in the eastern part of section 13, township 84, range 19, and the western part of section 18, township 84, range 18. It was made the county seat the same year and continued to be until January 1, 1860, when it lost to Marshall. Post office, 1852-1900. A railroad siding is about all that remains. Marshall

MARINER'S HOPE. In the northern part of Iowa Township. Post office, 1861-63. Allamakee

MARION. A town reported by William Vandever in his survey notes of 1843 as being in the southeast quarter of section 15, and the west  half of section 14, Columbia Township, on the north bank of the Des Moines River Wapello

MARION. In the northwestern part of Marion Township, as it appears on the maps from 1856 to 1863. Hamilton

MARSHALL. A hamlet in the northern part of section 5, Rice Township, on the east side of the West Fork of Grand River, about five miles west of Mount Ayr, as shown on maps from 1875 to 1880. Sometimes called Marshalltown. Ringgold

MARSHALL. The name first. given the present town of Wayland. It was laid out as Marshall in 1851. The name of its post office which had been Crooked Creek was Marshall from 1851 to 1875. Henry

MARSHALL. The original name of the present city of Marshalltown from the time it was platted in 1853 to 1863. Marshall

MARSHALLTOWN.  (See Marshall above). Ringgold

MARSHFIELD. A village in the northern part of section 3, Dubuque Township, as shown on maps of 1875-80. Dubuque

MARSHFIELD. The name first given to the post office of the town of Wyoming, which was in 1854. It was changed to Wyoming in 1855. Jones

MARTEN'S RANCH. Listed in the U. S. Official Register from 1857 to 1867 as a post office in Harrison County, but not found on maps of that period. Harrison

MARTINSBURG. The pioneer name of the village of Tripoli. Bremer

MARTINSBURG  .Platted as a town in 1856 where the present village of Mark now stands. It was later replatted as Martinsville. Davis

MARTINSVILLE.  (See Martinsburg above). Davis

MARVIN. The name which was given to the present town of Fonda in its beginning in 1871 and which it retained until 1874. Pocohantas

MARYSVILLE. A village in the southern part of section 15, Competine Township. Its post office was Competine. Wapello

MARYSVILLE. In the northeast quarter of section 34, Polk Township (see Hoosier Point). Marysville was platted in 1847, the first town laid out in the county. Post office, 1848-1857, when the name of the post office and town was changed to Urbana. Benten

MARYSVILLE. The pioneer name of the present town of Calmar. Winneshiek

MASONIC GROVE.  The pioneer name of Mason City.  Cerro GordoMASSILON. A village in the western part of section 26, Auburn Township, adjoining West Auburn on the west. Fayette

MAUCH CHUNK. A post office (1872-1900) in section 17, Monroe Township. Mahaska

MAUDVILLE. In the southwestern part of West Point Township and about one-half mile west of the present town of Allison. Post office 1873. Butler

MAULSBY. A place shown on maps of 1900 first in northern part of Taylor Township and later in the southern part of Liscomb Township. Marshall

MAURICE. The name first given the present village and railroad station of Matlock in Grant Township when It was established in 1888, but the name was soon changed because of a larger town of the same name in Sioux County. Sioux

MAXFIELD TOWNSHIP, on Iowa Publishing Co.'s map of 1905. Post office, 1889-1903. Bremer

MAXFIELD. In the northeast corner of section 19, Maxfield Township. Post office, 1865-1900. Bremer


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