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MILFORD. A town in the north central part of section 18, Milford Township. Post office established in 1869. On the coming of the nearby railroad in 1882 the town of North Milford (the name later changed to Milford) was established three-fourths of a mile to the northwest, which caused abandonment of the original town. Dickinson

MILF0RD. In the northwestern part of Troy Township. Post office, 1855-69. Clarke

MILFORD. In section 28, Richland Township. laid out in 1854, but abandoned in a few years in favor of Westerville. Decatur

MILFORD. The former name of the present town of Grant for many years. Milford was platted in 1858. Grant was the name of the post office, and finally the town's name was changed to agree with that of the post office. Montgomery

MILL GROVE. A village in the northern part of section 35, Sugar Creek Township, on the north bank of North Skunk River, and one-half mile southwest of the present railroad station of Moore. Post office 1856-72. Poweshiek

MILL GROVE. In the northern part of Putnam Township. Post office . Fayette

MILL. In the northeast corner of section 21, Fremont Township. Post office, 1859-85. Fayette

MILLARD POST OFFICE. Shown on Henn-Williams map of 1855 in east part of Caldwell Township. Appanoose

MILLEDGEVILLE. Near center of section 10, Independence Township. The village was founded in 1857 and prospered until the coming of nearby railroads. Post office, 1857-1900. Appanoose

MILLERAY. In the southern part of section 11, Prairie Creek Township. Post office, 1855-1900. Dubuque

MILLER'S CREEK. In southwest corner of section 26, Eagle Township. Post office 1870-1875 Black Hawk

MILLER'S HOLLOW. The name of the hamlet which a little later became Kanesville. Pottawattamie

MILLERS POST OFFICE. In the southwestern part of Table Mound Township, as shown on maps of 1856-57. Dubuque

MILLHEIM. In section 3, Delaware Township. A village laid out in 1858. Deleware

MILLROCK. A village, platted in 1854, in the northwestern part of section 27, Monmouth Township, about one mile south of the present town of Baldwin. Post office, 1861-71. Jackson

MILLS. Another name, as appears on maps of 1854, of Wassonville, which see below. Washington

MILO. In the central part of Milo Township. Post office, 1868-1872. Deleware

MILTON STATION. The early name by which the present town of Malvern was known. Mills

MILTON. In section 3, Lafayette Township. Laid out in 1854. This was a milling center on Village Creek, with Howard Center adjoining on the north and the village of Village Creek adjoining on the east. Allamakee

MILTON. Laid out as a town in 1855 in sections 8 and 9, Des Moines Township, but apparently never built up.  Jefferson

MILTON. One of the names by which the town of Old Rolfe was known in its early existence. (See also Rolfe) Pocohantas

MINERAL CREEK. A place in section 34, Scotch Grove Township, according to maps of 1868. Jones

MINERAL RIDGE. The name of the post office (1854,-19O3) at the village of Ridgeport.  Boone

MINERSTOWN, A village laid out in 1890 one-half mile west of the present village of Foster. Never developed beyond a house or two. Monroe

MINERVA. A post office in section 2, Minerva Township, from 1858 to 1882. The present railroad station of Minerva was established later at a point some four miles east. Marshall

MINKLER. Listed in the U.S. Postal Guide as a post office from 1889-1903, but not shown on the maps of those dates. Bremer

MINNABROOK. A place in the eastern part of Liberty Township, as appears on maps of 1885. Plymouth

MINNIE. Name of the post office from 1885 to 1893 at the present town of Orleans. Dickinson

MITCHELL. A town in the southern part of Beaver Township, as shown on maps of 1856 and 1857, and referred to in McVicker's Index Pint Directory to Towns, etc., in Polk County, 1884, as an obsolete town. Polk

MOFFITT'S GROVE. In the northern part of Victory Township. Post office, 1858-83. Guthrie

MONDIEU. A post office from 1854 to 1862 in the eastern central part of Clinton Township, on the west side of the Cedar River, and about five miles northwest of Cedar Rapids. Linn

MONEEK. An important village on both sides of the line between sections 1 and 2, Bloomfield Township, and about midway of that line as to north and south. Post office, 1851-64. It was an aspirant for the county seat in 1851. Winneshiek

MONMOUTH In section 17, Butler Township, about one mile east of Clarksville, as shown on maps of 1869. Butler

MONROE. Laid out as a town in 1840, and thought to have been near the center of Des Moines Township, but it got no farther than a town on paper. Jefferson

MONROE. Town laid out in 1839 in southeastern part of Monroe Township near the line between sections 25 and 26. It never materialized. Johnson

MONROE CITY. Located about midway between the towns of Monroe and Prairie City, partly in Des Moines and partly in Fairview Townships, and is now penetrated by the Des Moines Valley branch of the C., R. I. & P. Ry. It was platted in 1847, the intention being to make it the capital of the state. Jasper

MONTACUTE. The name of the post office at Polk City from 1849 to 1852. Polk

MONTANA. The first name of the present city of Boone. It was laid out in 1805 and the name was changed to Boone in 1871. Boone

MONTGOMERY. A post office from May 5, 1864, to December 12 of the same year, on the Boone River a short distance north of the present town of Goldfield. Wright

MONTI. In section 3, Newton Township. Post office, 1885-1900. Buchanan

MONTICELLO. A village in the southeast corner of section 33, Howard Township, three miles north and one mile west of Toledo, as shown on maps from 1856

to 1885. Tama

MONTPELIER. A post office (1853-60) in the northwestern part of Jefferson Township. Warren

MONTPELIER. A town on the bank of the Mississippi River and a short way west of the mouth of Pine Creek as shown on the Judson Black Hawk Purchase. This location is about three miles west of the present village of Montpelier. Muscatine

MONTPELIER. The name of the first post office in the county, 1848 to 1819, in section 26, Union Township, at Tileville. It was moved in 1849 to the center of the county where Winterset now is, and the name changed to Independence Madison

MOOREVILLE. A village in the eastern part of section 24 Geneseo Township. Post office, 1871-1900. Tama

MORFORDSVILIE. Village in southwestern part of section 24 Pleasant Valley Township, platted in 1855. Post office, 1856-57; 1876-94. Johnson

MORGAN VALLEY. A hamlet in the northwestern part of section 9, Perry Township, on the south side of the Des Moines River. Post office, 1891-1903. Marion

MORGAN.   In the southwestern part of Otter Creek Township. Post office, 1877-93. Crawford

MORGAN. A post office (1857-66) in section 8, Orleans Township. Winneshiek

MORGAN. In the central part of Morgan Township. Post office, 1900. Decatur

MORHAIN. A post office (1897-1902) in section 4, Wall Lake Township. Wright

MORIAH. A post office (1873-76) in the southwestern part of Honey Creek Township. Iowa

MORMON HILL. A post office from 1850 to 1859 in the northeastern part of Bangor Township. Marshall

MORMONTOWN. The name by which the present town of Blockton was known in its early existence. mile west of Toledo, as shown on maps from 1856 to 1885. Mormontown was begun in 1861 and the post office went by that name from 1872 until 1887. Taylor

MORRIS. A post office (1857-64) in the eastern central part of Liston Township. Woodbury

MORRISBURG. A village of some pretensions in sections 4 and 5, Jackson Township. Laid out in 1855. Post office, 1857-65. Guthrie

MORRISTOWN. Listed in the 1855 U. S. Official Register as a post office in Jasper County, and thought to have been in the vicinity of the later station of Oswalt, but not found on the maps of that period. Jasper

MORSMAN. Platted as a town in 1880 in section 17, Buchanan Township. Post office, 1881-90. It was a station on a branch of the Wabash Railway which was abandoned in 1890. Page

MORTIMER. A post office (1883-1901) in section 7, Jefferson Township. Ringgold

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