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MORTON. Listed as a post office in Pottawattamie County from 1889 to 1898, but the location not found. Pottawattamie

MOSALEM. In the northeastern part of Mosalem Township near the bank of the Mississippi River. Post office 1851-63. Dubuque

MOSCOW. A place in the northwestern part of Dayton Township as shown on maps from 1857 to 1878. Wright

MOSLEY. Former name of the present town of Sherwood. Calhoun

MOTOR. A hamlet at the corners of sections 1, 2, 11 and 12, Belmont Township. Post office, 1890-1902.  A church, schoolhouse and a few scattered dwellings remain. Warren

MOUNT ALGOR. In section 19, Iowa Township. Post office, 1857-73. Jackson

MOUNT AUBURN. Listed in the Index Plat Directory to Towns, etc., in Polk County, by George A.  McVicker, 1884" as an absolete town in Polk County, but location not found. Polk

MOUNT CALVARY. A post office from 1853 to 1863 near the southeast quarter of section 19, Fox River Township. Davis

MOUNT GILEAD POST OFFICE. Shown on maps from 1857 to 1862. In central part of Independence Township. Appanoose

MOUNT HOPE. A post office from 1875 to 1882 in the central part of Eureka Township. Sac

MOUNT HOPE. In the southeastern part of Richland Township. Post office, 1851-71. Deleware

MOUNT NORRIS. Shown in the northern part of Union Township on maps of 1873 to 1878. Harrison

MOUNT OLIVE. A post office from 1860 to 1867 a short distance southeast of the present railroad station of Balfour. Mills

MOUNT PISGAH.  (see Pisgah) Union

MOUNT STERLING. A plat was filed in 1837 for a village with this name at the terminus of a territorial road running from Burlington to Trenton, Henry County, and to a point near the northeast corner of Penn Township. Only a village on paper. (See History of Jefferson County, by C. J. Fulton, p. 202.).  Jefferson

MOUNT STERLING A small town that still has a few residents. This town submitted by one of our visitors to Iowa Ghost Towns. Van Buren

MOUNT STERLING. A name often applied to Sterling. Louisa

MOUNT VALLEY. A post office (1877-97) in the southeastern part of section 11 and the northeastern part of section 14, Mount Valley Township. It was called Lime Creek City on maps of 1857. Winnebago

MOUNT VERNON. See Hopewell above. Mahaska

MT. WASHINGTON. In section 25, Washington Township. Post office, 1863-6i. Adams

MUCHACHINOCK. A coal mining town about one mile east of the present railway station of Givin, or about five miles south of Oskaloosa, in existence from 1872 until the 1890's. It reached a population of 2,000 at one time. Post office 1874-1904. Mahaska

MUDDY. In section 3, Cedar Township. It grew to a small village. Post office, 1893-97, The coming of the railroads to Somers ended Muddy's Career. Calhoun

MUDVILLE. The local name applied, in an early day, to the villagte of Buchanan. Buchanan

MULLARKY'S GROVE. The oringinal name of the present town of Raymond. Post office, 1858-61 Black Hawk

MUNN.  The early name applied to Lime City, which see above. Post office, 1885-93. Cedar

MUNTERVILLE. A hamlet and post office (1870-1905) in the western part of section 17, Polk Township. Wapello

MUSCATINE. Thriving coal mining town in 1880's. Both sides of northern part of the line between sections 4 and 5, Washington Township. Keokuk

MUSQUAKA. A post office (1875-93) in the northeastern part of section 29, Dayton Township. Iowa

MYERS. Listed as a post office in Union County from 1858 to 1860, but the location not found. Union

MYRON. In section 3, Post Township. Village platted in 1873. Post office, 1869-93.  Allamakee

MYRTLE. A post office (1892-99) in the northern part of Cedar Township near the Cedar River. Muscatine

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