ATHOL. A post office (1875-86) in section 12, Lincoln Township.

BELL'S LAKE. The pioneer name of the present village of Middleburg.

CALLIOPE. A town laid out in 1860 on the Big Sioux River and less than one mile north of the business section of the present town of Hawarden. A portion of it is now included within the corporate limits of Hawarden and is still often referred to as Calliope. Calliope was the county seat from 1860 until 1872 when it was changed to Orange City.  Post office, 1862 to 1863, and again from 1869 to 1911.

CORN VALLEY. A post office in the early 1880's in the northeastern part of Washington Township from 1877 to 1883.

DARLINGTON. Name of the post office for a few months in 1875 at what was later the railroad station of Elm Springs  (see below).

EAST ORANGE. The name for a few years of its early existence of the present town of Alton. East Orange was the name of the post office from 1874 to 1882.

ELM SPRINGS, A station on the Milwaukee railway for several years on sections 14 and 15, Settlers Township.

FARMER. A post office (1871-85) in the southwestern part of section I, Settlers Township.

HIGHLAND PARK. A place in section 12, Eagle Township as appears on maps of 1900.

IRENE. A post office (1870-80) in the southern part of section 35, Sioux Township.

MAURICE. The name first given the present village and railroad station of Matlock in Grant Township when It was established in 1888, but the name was soon changed because of a larger town of the same name in Sioux County.

MAY BELL. A post office (1877-86) in the southwestern part of Lincoln Township.

NEKIMI. A place in the southwestern part of Garfield Township on the Big Sioux River, as shown on maps from 1861 to 1878.

OSHKOSH. A post office (1872-83) in the southeastern part of section 2, Reading Township.

PATTERSONVILLE. The name first given to the present town of Hull. It was soon changed to Winland, and later to Hull. Pattersonville was the name of the post office from 1878 to 1886.

RICKER. The name of the post office from 1882 to 1884 at what is now the town of Granville.

ROCK MILLS. A post office from 1877 to 1879 at or near the location of the present town of Rock Valley.

ROYAL RIDGE. A post office (1871-77) in section 24, Rock Township.

SHERIDAN. The name of the present town of Boyden during a few years after its establishment in the 1870's.

WINLAND. See Pattersonville above.

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Sioux County was named after an Indian Sioux tribe

They were also known as the Dakotas and lived in what is now Iowa and Minnesota

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