BEAR CREEK. A post office (1849-65) near the east edge of Bear Creek Township on the south side of Bear Creek, about one mile northeast of the present town

of Brooklyn.

BLUE POINT. A post office (1860-72) in the northern part of section 26, Washington Township.

BROWNSVILLE. A village in the southwestern part of section 35, Jackson Township, five miles south and one and one-half west of Montezuma, and just north

of the Mahaska County line. The name of its post office (1864-95) was Sherman.

CHESTER CENTER. A post office (1877-1903) in the southern part of section 10, Chester Township. There is still a store there.

CLEARFIELD. A post office from 1869 to 1872 in the northern part of Madison Township.

DEEP RIVER. See Dresden below.

DE ETTA. Name of the present post office of Tilton from 1884 to 1887.

DRESDEN. A town laid out in 1856 near the northwest corner of section 10, Deep River Township, about one mile east of the present town of Deep River.

The name of the post office was Deep River. The coming of the branch of the Northwestern Railway in 1884 caused the removal of Dresden to the new town

of Deep River.

FOREST HOME. A village in the northeastern part of section 29, and the southeastern part of section 20, Union Township. Post office, 1858 1902. There is still

a store there.

GREENVILLE. A town laid out in 1849. It was a rival of the original town of Brooklyn and adjacent to it on the west. Both went into the discard when the Rock Island railway came through.

HUMBUG TOWN. See Ottawa City below.

JACOBS. A switch for some years on the Montezuma branch of the Iowa Central railway in section 12, Washington Township. It had a post office from 1896

for several years and a store until about 1928.

LATTIMER'S GROVE. A stage station and settlement made in 1848 near the southwest corner of Grinnell township and about four miles southwest of the

present city of Grinnell. The name was changed to Westfield about 1855 and had a post office a few years.

MANAT. A post office for a short time in 1884 at or near the location of the present railway station of Carnforth.

MILL GROVE. A village in the northern part of section 35, Sugar Creek Township, on the north bank of North Skunk River and one-half mile southwest of

the present railroad station of Moore.   Post office 1856-72.

TYRO. A post office (1862-73) in the eastern part of section 32, Washington Township.

VERONA. A post office (1870-85) in section 26, Lincoln Township, on the stage line from Victor to Dresden.

WESTFIELD. A place on the west line of section 30, Grinnell Township, ?on the Jasper County line, as shown on maps of 1881 and 1887.

Also, see Lattimer's Grove above.

WESTERN. Listed as a post office in Poweshiek County from 1851 to 1853, but the location not found.

Poweshiek County

was named after a


Indian Chief.

Established February 17, 1843

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