In about 1852, Frederick Kube and his wife Emily Amiss Kube came by covered wagon and settled near where the Clinton Golf Club was and reached to near the corner of 14th street or old highwat 30 and Camanche Ave.

At that time the area was called Riverside and Frederick Kube was mayor of it. He had a stone house not far from where that lumber company used to be. Those folks are most all buried at Springdale cemetery. The Koons had land there to. I believe I have a map of it.

I love history and just thought I would mention this. (Maybe it wasn't incorporated in those early days?)

Submitted by Doris Kube (submitted 05-20-15)

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(Clinton County)

The City of Clinton was once a small hamlet named New York.

Platted in 1836 by its first settler, Joseph Bartlett, the community was one of several that clustered on the western banks of the Mississippi River. Other communities included Lyons, Ringwood, Riverside (Chancy) and Camanche.

The fledgling settlement had little hope of growth

Throughout the 1840s, New York changed little, while communities around it continued to develop. However, in 1855, the Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad changed its plans and announced it would cross the river at Little Rock Island, adjacent to Bartlett’s settlement, instead of at Lyons.

The Iowa Land Company then bought Bartlett’s tract and renamed it Clinton which grew to absorb Ringwood,

Riverside (Chancy) and Lyons, and eventually became the seat of Clinton County.

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