Located in Kellogg Twp., in Jasper County, was originally a stage coach stop.

The town was platted on March 24, 1857 by Jesse and Jane Young. It was located in the NW Quarter of the NE Quarter in Section 9, T80, R18.

The one and only store that existed was owned by the Whitcombs and the post office was in the store.

The Rushville Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in April 25, 1855 and the church building was built in 1887. Prior to that, the church services were held in the school building. Most of the social life in Rushville was centered around the church and school.

The original residents of Rushville were the Owens, Morris, Adams, Whitcomb, Wilson, Alloway, and Callison families.

The Morris's came from Ohio and the Wilson's came from Indiana. Wilson family lore has it that the name of Rushville came from Rushville, IN., the area from where the Robert White Wilson family was from in 1854.

The railroad by-passed Rushville and the decline of the community began. The Rushville school was consolidated into Kellogg in 1957 and the building was later torn down.

All that remains today is a memorial plot containing a large bolder with a plaque, an old water hand pump and a flag pole. The Rushville cemetery also remains and is well kept on land that was originally donated by the Callison family.

There is a Bi-annual Reunion (odd numbered years) held each summer in Mariposa Park in that area for ancestors of the families from that area. The Rushville Women hosts that event.

Submitted by D. Wilson

Jasper County

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Rushville Memorial

Rushville Aerial View

Rushville Plat 1901

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