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We are being relocated near Monticello, Iowa and the only place to find a house was in a tiny town called Scotch Grove.  I did not see Scotch Grove listed on your site.

While driving down the street it was like being in a time warp.  Yes there are modern houses and cars, but the buildings along the road looked like something you would see back in the 1900’s.  It would be awesome if I could see this town listed on your site.

If you have any information about the town of Rosserdale, please send it to:  or

Scotch Grove is an unincorporated community in Jones County, Iowa, United States.  Scotch Grove is located on Iowa Highway 18 southeast of Monticello and north of Center Junction. The town is often referred to as a ghost town.

In 1837, the first settlers came to Scotch Grove.  Most of these settlers were from the Red River Settlement, which was located in modern day Manitoba, Canada.  Some of these settlers were descendants of Scottish farmers who were evicted during the Highland Clearances.

The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad served Scotch Grove until 1957.

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