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Iowa Ghost Towns

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Hinkletown - A Prairie Ghost Town

Picture of Adair County Courthouse

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One of my favorite dining experiences!

I went from Santa Fe, NM to Makuoketa, IA to visit with one of my brothers. We went to this eating establishment (in the middle nowhere) and had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Breitbach's Country Dining, serving breakfast, lunch and diner.

Iowa's oldest food and drinking establishment was opened in 1852 by federal permit issued from President Millard Fillmore.

In my humble opinion, it is worth the trip from anywhere!

LeClaire, IA Cemeteies

(Longtime Friend of owner of Iowa Ghost Towns)

In searching for information about Ghost Towns it often leads to genealogy sites. Sometimes just the mention of the town lends some credibility to its existence.

Robert Jones - “I started photographing headstones in 2007. I also have some data and photos on others.”

Visit Le Claire Cemeteries

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1895 Iowa County Map - Permission granted by Ray Sterner


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Territory of Iowa

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