I have read that my great (3x) grandfather, Benjamin Pitney Freeman lived at Sugar Grove, Hale Township, Jones County, Iowa. It is also supposed to be the name of the first school district in the state of Iowa. I grew up on a farm in Hale Township and do not remember my father mentioning it, as he did of some unmarked locations. Can you please provide me with information on it's location?

Thank you for your assistance.

Butch Freeman

(Sugar Grove - Is it a town?)


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At both sites the following is all that we could find mentioning ‘Sugar Grove.’

Was Sugar Grove a school building as can be inferred by the first point above? Or, was it called that because it was taught in the Sugar Grove (a tree area) as possibly inferred by the third point above?  If you have any information about the place called Sugar Grove, please send it our way.

Thank You

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Sugar Grove, Iowa

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