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Towns! (Simple definition)

“An urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city.”  This is the definition given by FREE *WordWeb dictionary.

 “A population center, often incorporated, larger than a village and usually smaller than a City.”  This is the definition given by  *The American Heritage Dictionary.

The towns listed on this site were definitely smaller than a city, though many had high hopes of becoming such.

In the beginning the populated areas were called settlements.  The first official American settlement in Iowa began in June 1833. By the late 1860’s, most of the state had been settled. Settlements, villages or towns we are interested in them all. The main purpose of this site is to discover interesting facts about Iowa’s earliest towns.

We would appreciate any information you may wish to share with us about Iowa’s ‘Ghost Towns’. This info could wind up being featured on our “Stories of the Past!”  

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Ghost ‘towns’ not ghosts!

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