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This is a unique page as it gives information about some info of certain towns of today.  Towns listed here will be limited and will be added as they apply to certain circumstances.

We certainly will not attempt to list all towns of today as that would be, as you know, a complete diversion from the theme of Iowa Ghost Towns. It would also be a most daunting task to say the least.

Most of the visits to this section will be from links throughout the rest of Iowa Ghost Towns

This section of Iowa Ghost Towns also includes interesting information about the town I and my brother (owner of this site) grew up in, Princeton, Iowa.

Information is included about Iowa’s State Capital, Des Moines.

Obviously, info in this section will be added slowly but trust you will check back now and then. We also trust you will enjoy this section, “Towns of Today.”

We continue to request your support and input.

“Towns of Today”

Des Moines, IA - Town we worked in

Princeton, IA - Town we grew up in

(Click on the Town Name for information)

Le Claire, IA - Site owner graduated from High School in this town

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