ULM. A former station on the C. & N. W. Ry. on the west line of section 19, Lincoln Township, as appears on maps of 1875. Polk

ULSTER. A village in section 10, Ulster Township. Post office, 1859-75. Floyd

UNA. A place in the southwestern part of Union Township, about six miles north of Corydon, as appears on maps from 1863 to 1869. Post office, 1863-64. Wayne

UNCLE ABE. A post office in 1863 in section 24, Fox River Township, about one mile east and two and one-half north of West Grove. Davis

UNCLE SAM. Listed in the U. S. 0fficial Register of 1855 as a post office in Dallas County, but not found on maps of that period. Dallas

UNION. A place a short distance east of where Sevastopol was later established, as appears on maps of 1855 and 1856. Polk

UNION. A place one mile east of Cartersville as appears on maps of 1868 and later. Pottawattamie

UNION. A post office (1847-56) in or near section 34, Union Township. Van Buren

UNION CENTER. In the southwestern part of Fairfield Township. Post office, 1865-97. Jackson

UNION CITY. Laid out in 1855 near the northwest corner of section 21, Platte Township, about one mile southeast of the present town of Kent. A stage road town of importance. Post office, 1858-12. Union

UNION CORNERS. The early name of the post office (1849-53) at what later became the village of Mount Sterling. Van Buren

UNION GROVE Post office, 1854  The name changed to Onion Grove.  Cedar

UNION GROVE. A post office (1866-81) in section 21, Washington Township. Page

UNION HILL. A place in the southern part of section 9, Union Township, as shown on maps of 1869. Warren

UNION HILL. A post office (1861-82) in the southern part of section 15, Union Township. Ringgold

UNION PRAIRIE. In the northwestern part of section 26, Union Prairie Township. Post office, 1851-69. Allamakee

UNION RIDGE. In the northeastern part of Ingham Township. Post office 1859-75. Franklin

UNION RIDGE. In the northwest corner of section 20, Pittsford Township. Post office, 1881. Butler

UNIONBURG. A hamlet and post office (1869-89) in the southern part of section 23, Union Township. Harrison

UNIONTOWN. In eastern part of Union Township. Post office, 1853-89. Deleware

UNIONVILLE. A place in the southwestern part of Spring Creek Township, as appears on maps of 1862. Tama

UNIONVILLE. In Union Township. Laid out in 1858, but never materialized, nor even got on the maps. Boone

UNIQUE. In section 11, Weaver Township. Post office, 1878-1900. Humboldt

UNITY. In northeastern part of Eden Township. Post office, 1858-69 Benten

UNITY. In the northeast corner of section 16, Union Township. post office, 1871-1900. Johnson

UNIVERSITY PLACE. A town incorporated in 1883, located in the southwest quarter of section 33 and the east half of the southeast quarter of 32, township 79, range 24, now included in the northwestern part of the city of Des Moines. Post office, 1886-89. Polk

UPDEGRAFF. In section 19, Mallory Township. Post office, 1881-1903. Clayton

UPLAND. A post office in section 16, Centennial Township, from 1877 to 1890. Lyon

UPPER GROVE. (See Amsterdam). Hancock

UPTON. An important inland town near the center of the south section 17, Des Moines Township. It was on the state line, part of the town being in Missouri. Post office, 1852-1903. Van Buren

URBANA CITY. A village, prosperous for some years, in the southwestern part of Urbana Township. Post office 1868-75. Monroe

UTE. A post office from 1876 to 1887 in section 22, Saint Clair Township, about three miles northwest of the present town of Ute. Monona

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