VINO. In section 24, Richland Township. Post office, 1873-75 Adair

VALLEY CITY. The name first given 1833 to the present village and railway station of Pleasant Valley. Scott

VALLEY FARM. A post office from 1874 to 1872 in the western part of section 16, Jackson Township. Linn

VALLEY VIEW. A post office (1870-89) in section 2, Union Township. Harrison

VALLEY. The name of the post office from 1851 to 1905 at the town of Paris, which see above. Washington

VAN BUREN. The name first given to the post office established at Warren, now a railroad station in section 36, Harrison Township. This was from January to December, 1849. Lee

VAN BUREN. A hamlet in section 15, Van Buren Township. Post office, 1852~1900. Jackson

VAN BUREN. A town laid out in 1839, now constituting the southern part of the present town of Keosauqua. Van Buren

VAN BUREN (see above) & DES MOINES CITY joined together, making Keosauqua. Van Buren was the name of the post office from 1841 to 1845 when it became Keosauqua. Van Buren

VAN NEST. (See Sedalia) Guthrie

VANDALIA. A village in the southwest portion of section 20, Des Moines Township. It was laid out in 1853 and was prosperous in the 1860's.

Post office, 1857-1903.  Jasper

VANDENBURG. The pioneer name of the present city of De Witt, and the one which it bore only about a year, from May, 1841, until February, 1842. Clinton

VANDERBILT. The name first given the present village of Fairfax when it was laid out in 1863. Linn

VANDYKE. In the northwestern part of Union Township. Post office, 1859-69. Des Moines

VEGA. In the northeast corner of section 35. Round Prairie Township. Post office, 1881-89. ( Formerly in Henry County.) Jefferson

VEGA. A post office (1851-97) shown in the northwestern part of Salem Township on maps of 1856 and 1857, but in the western part of Tippecanoe Township on maps of the 1890's. Henry

VENUS. A post office from 1863 to 1873 near the center of Grand River Township. Madison

VERBECK. Shown on maps of 1887 where the town of Thor now stands. Verbeck was a post office in 1881. Humboldt

VERNON. A village laid out in 1837 as South Bentonsport, but became Vernon in 1852. It was on the south side of the Des Moines River from Bentonsport. A few old buildings still remain. Vernon was the name of their post office from 1852 to 1903. Van Buren

VERNON SPRINGS. An important town in sections 33 and 34, Vernon Springs Township, on the north bank of Turkey River. It was two miles southwest of the present city of Cresco, and was the county seat from 1865 to 1867. Post office, 1861-69. Howard

VERONA. A post office (1870-85) in section 26, Lincoln Township, on the stage line from Victor to Dresden. Poweshiek

VESPER.  (See Tyson's Mills). Webster

VIENNA. A post office (1856-83) in the southwestern part of section 10, Vienna Township. Marshall

VILLAGE CREEK. In section 18, Lafayette Township (see Milton). Post office, 1859-1903. One store still remains. Allamakee

VILLAGE. A post office southeast of Ottumwa on the south side of the Des Moines River from 1847 to 1850. Wapello

VINCENT. A station on the C., R. I. & P. Ry. in the southern part of Franklin Township, as shown on maps of 1887.  Washington

VINEYARD. A post office (1870-77) in the eastern part of section 29, Carlton Township. Tama

VIOLA CENTER. In section 21, Viola Township. Post office, 1881-1900. Audubon

VIOLA. In Colony Township. Post office, 1852-59. Deleware

VIOLA. In the northeastern part of New Wine Township, as shown on maps of 1857. Dubuque

VIONA. In section 34, Vernon Township. Post office, 1869-75. Humboldt

VIRGINIA GROVE. A post office (1843-71) in the northernm part of Morning Sun Township. Louisa

VIROQUA. The name of the present town of Morley from 1813 to 1886, the post office also having the same name. Jones

VISTA. In section 26, Westburg Township. Post office, 1889-1903. Buchanan

VOLGA CITY. A former name of the present village of Lima. (see Lightville). Fayette

VOLLAMOVA. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide as a post office in Clinton County from 1885-1893, but not found on maps of that period. Clinton

VOLNEY. In section 13, Franklin Township, on Yellow River about a mile below Smithfield. Was devoted to milling business. Laid out in 1856. Post office, 1853-1903. Allamakee

VON. In section 34, Humboldt Township. Post office, 1871-81. Humboldt

VOSS. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide from 1889 to 1903 as a post oflice in Allamakee County, but the name is not found on maps of that period. Allamakee

VOWELLS. The name. by which Farmersville was first shown on the maps. Jasper

VULCAN. A village in the north edge of section 4, Washington Township. It was a coal mining village existing only a few years around 1890. Keokuk

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