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My great grandfather John Russell had a store (Russell Brothers Store) in Warren (Lee County) Iowa.  It closed in 1904, but the building and house attached remained until the 1940-50 era.

Currently there is nothing there except a cemetery where my relatives are buried. I have a period drawing of the original store and a photograph of the store with house attached in what must have been its glory days.

 The land and contents of the store (much memorobilia of the store) and house were sold at auction by the family including my father Earl Russell.

I am always looking for a post card with a Warren postmark.

I also have an early photo of the railroad picture with people standing in front of it.


My father was Earl Russell, son of Manny Russell who was the son of JF Russell of Warren, Iowa.

When I was a child the store and house were closed, after Bessie Russell's death. One of the articles is about the auction. I was present with my parents for the preparation for the auction, and salvaged hundreds of "trade cards, calendars, etc from a bonfire (see samples below). Also an article from the Burlington Gazette from this time period.

Because of this "collection" I have always had an interest in my great-grandfather's store. I am pleased to provide what information and photos I have, and would be interested in learning more from others who are related or have knowledge of Warren.

Christy Mougin, nee Russell

Information provided by Christy Mougin, nee Russell

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We at Iowa Ghost Towns want to thank

Christy Mougin, nee Russell

For the quantity of pictures she provided along with the amount of information she sent our way.

Thank you Christy!





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