ANNETTA. The name first given the present town of Oto.

BROWNS SETTLEMENT. A place in the northeastern part of Lake Port Township, as shown by maps of the 1850's and early 1860's.

BURR OAK GROVE. A place in section 12, Union Township near the Little Sioux River, as shown on maps of 1868 to 1881.

DISCORD. A post office (1870-84) in the northern part of section 21, Kedron Township.

DODDS. A post office (1877-86) In the northwestern part of section 32,. Banner Township.

FLOYD'S BLUFF. A post office for a short time in 1855 in the southern part of what is now Sioux City, near the bank of the Missouri River.

FRIENDLINGS TAVERN. A place (stage station) in section 30, Sloan Township, near where now stands the town of Sloan, as shown on maps of 1868.

GALE. A post office (1871-88) in the northeastern part of section 7, Miller Township.

GERMAN CITY. A hamlet and post office (1886-1903) in the eastern part of Willow Township. A church and a few houses still remain.

GRANGE. A post office (1877-78) in section 5, Grange Township.

GROVE. A place near the northwest corner of Willow Township, as shown on maps of 1878.

HAMLIN. A post office (1867-69) in Sloan Township.

HOSKINS. A post office from 1875 to 1886 and from 1891 to 1902 in section 33, Concord Township.

LAKEPORT. A post office from 1857 to 1858 and from 1889 to 1902 in section 21, Lake Pork Township.

LINNDALE. A post office (1863-64) a little southwest of the center of Liberty Township.

LISTONVILLE. A hamlet and post office (1872-77) a short distance north of the present town of Danbury.

LOZIER. Listed as a post office from 1880 to 1882 in Woodbury County, but its location not found.

LUCKY VALLEY. A settlement in sections 2 and 3, Grant Township, with a post office (1882-1903) by the same name.

MIDWAY. A post office (1890-1907) in section 10, Morgan Township. MORRIS. A post office (1857-64) in the eastern central part of Liston Township.

NEW BUFFALO. A movable country post office (1856-78) which was in the neighborhood where later was built the present town of Salix.

ODD. A post office (1879-82) in section 18, West Fork Township. PEIORO. A hamlet and a post office (1877-1904) in section 29, Grant Township.

ROCK BRANCH. A post office from 1872 to 1904, located part of the time in section 1, Wolf Creek Township and later in section 6, Kedron Township.

SMITHTOWN. The name given the present town of Smithland, as appears on maps in the 1850's.

SNYDER GROVE. A post office (1871-72) near the northwest corner of Willow Township.

THOMPSONTOWN. Staked off as a town in 1847 at Floyd's Bluff (which see above). Thompsontown became the county seat, although it had but one log hut,

and was until Sergeants Bluff won the prize in 1854.

WOLFDALE. A country post office (1869-97) which occupied several different locations in farm houses in Wolf Creek Township.

WOODBURY. The name of the post office at the town of Sergeants Bluff from 1862 to 1870.

Woodbury County was named after

Levi Woodbury of New Hampshire.

He was a United States Statesman.

Established January 12, 1853

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